The beginning of many things

First off. I have drastically deleted the Travelogue. And Postcrossing blog. Entirely. I’ve been working on our Daiesu project website and only realized lately the hosting virtual memory is hitting the limit constantly, and I wonder if this so-called unlimited package we’re subscribing is still not capable of keeping 6 websites/blogs that aren’t really getting too many visitors that I should worry on memory consumption. But then again, that’s taken care by bandwidth, no? I am an ignorant geek, but it turned out that so many (travel) blogs I have had mutual links before ridiculously eating my virtual memory usage. Not that I am still active updating there anymore (what, last update was perhaps more than a year ago lol). I am so tired to know what and why, but I have imported all the Travelogue posts to here. Thanks so WordPress import tool again. Easy, one place for all. Will work later on re-categorizing and housekeeping. Not caring much about visitors anymore. All I want is my stuff is here I can probably read again when I’m retired and old :p And Daie can read too on how quirky his mommy has been, and he will be asking us to bring him to those strange places we had been before him. Yeah.

1 year


He turned 1 on 27 April (they gave the wrong candle for cake though =.=). So much for time running fast. I have heard about this, and now I feel it. Bittersweet of seeing a growing child. Baby is turning into toddler. I can’t help but amazed with the toddler, but I know I’ll miss the baby.

Time flies in a blink

I might as well moved back to instead of paying annually for designated domain which blog I only manage to update once a year.

Daie is almost 1 year. Sigh. Alot, alot of things you have missed again, blog. Nevermind. If he ever reads this again in future he would know that his mommy has been too occupied with him that she cannot have time for her blog anymore.

Since last update.. hmm.. let me check.. we went to Istanbul. First trip as three, and yeah, it was challenging! Haha. But we survived. If I rajin, I will make separate post for that trip. And if I even more rajin, I’ll continue to write travelogue again after long hiatus.


Two botaks in this picture. Daie at err.. 6 months kut. Now already will full grown hair at 11 months! OMG, another month and he’ll be one T___T I’m gonna miss him as baby. He has been slow at some developments, like crawling.  He managed to sit first though. Now he could stand up by himself, clap his hands proudly, and stay still around 1 minutes before falling.. haha. And he’s so determined to practice standing until late night.. which also the reason we always wake up late lately >.<

And also, I have been obsessed with babywearing. Or precisely, woven wraps. You may think I am crazy for spending RM6k on 15 wraps collection within 4 months, but that was what I had thought also before I’m trapped in this craze. The best thing though, them wraps have great resell value that I dont feel so guilty. I can just try them all and sell later.

And we went to India and Kashmir, again, in January, with my parents, Az’s parents, and my sisters. Big family vacation :)   Stories later.

And something else about India is coming soon, too, which I will announce if it becomes real :)

Chengdu Half Day, and Bye-Bye China!

Side note: This is a super lazy post, coz it’s THE FINALE! 

The journey from Xian to Chengdu was uneventful, we’re reaching the end of the long journey and it’s definitely been tiring. From Chengdu, crossing Far West China to Urumqi and stretching to Kashgar and Karakul, it easily spanned 10000 km. OMG. We hardly could belive ourselves that we did go that far :)

Arriving Chengdu around late morning, and didnt really have plans for today. We took the Metro and randomly stopped at any place we thought can kill some time. There was this Science museum or something we almost entered but changed our mind as it required ticket.

Found a McDonalds outlet and it’s our lunch for today. Probably early dinner too. They have this McCafe outlet that we got so excited about (read: by the time we visited this, McDonalds around KL had not yet attached any McCafe – so the only time I had ever heard about it was from Az’s experience in Sydney. Hence the jakunness :P Which also reminds me, it has been sooooooo long since we did this trip, but I only managed to complete the travelogue today.)

To get to Chengdu airport, we simply asked one of the Metro station staff and you could get an airport bus from some particular bus stops, but in our case, we might have waited at the wrong bus stop that we could see airport buses passing us several times (and didn’t stop!!) but in the end there’s this bus going to airport as well, although I dont think it’s a direct one (it stopped many times along the way and it was full we had to stand for a while and it was such a long journey! Almost an hour I think..). And yeah, although the last day and Chengdu was pretty boring, the whole journey was so overwhelming, you can tell. Our flight that night was apparently delayed almost 2 hours and I couldn’t really remember anything except being sleepy when we boarded.

Until next time, China! :)

EBM stories

By the time I am typing this post, my refrigerator’s freezer section is still full of bottles of EBM. I said I’ve cut down pumping times from 3 times to twice at work, but still, babysitter seems to give Daie only formula these days :( She keeps saying Daie refuses EBM and prefers formula more, and everytime I unpack Daie’s milk’s bag there’ll be always unused EBM go wasted. I am really sad about this thinking how much effort I have taken to get every single bottle (drop, even!) of EBM but they finally get dumped into sink every night.

I kind of think that it’s the babysitter who prefers to prepare formula. Although I feel bad of being suspicious, but I can’t help it. Because last time I left Daie with MIL at Melaka for a day supplying only EBM (already intended not providing formula even as backup) and Daie still drank it! I know last time I used to want him drink the formula as well for the sake for not wasting it (because already bought in KB when I was still on leave – it was a long story behind but nevermind. And it’s expensive!) but now when it have come to substitute my precious EBM rather than only backing it up, I feel rather sad and annoyed.

Now I feel like stopping pumping altogether, but fear that milk will dry up sooner than later and I will soon not be able to direct breastfeed him.

Today I intentionally stopped supplying formula, although a bit worried if Daie will go starving because of it. But anyways.