Hello world!

I am here.

Yes. I mean I AM here.

Arrived in Jeddah airport 10pm local time on Thursday, and right now I have been in Makkah for almost one week. I can’t write much now coz the internet in this hotel is damn expensive, though I can get online on my mobile via Saudi’s Mobily (it’s much reliable than Celcom broadband, sigh) to check my emails and write on WordPress, I can’t upload pictures with mobile! (or maybe there’s a way, but I have yet to find out). And apart of the glorious Masjidil Haram itself, and the Kaabah, I am endlessly amazed by bunch of people here,¬†we’re getting 2millions or more filling up Makkah by this day and the number is increasing like crazy.. people are still coming from every angle of the world until the Hajj session starts which will be a few days before Eid. Every prayer time those 4 floors are always full and even the mosque yards and on the street are full with people praying, it’s like real HUGE feast and even though you don’t like crowds but THIS crowd is like pure heaven! I am glad I am in the middle of this busy Holy city in this particular time. Alhamdulillah.

I want to write more and put more pictures¬†but I don’t have much time I have to run. See yeh.

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. hey Lyan,
    wow, the photos are amazing and it seems this trip is very important for you! Have a good time in Saudi Arabia! :)
    btw, I have received your last postcards, I’m going to send you something back soon so it will be waiting for you when you come back to Malaysia.
    Take care of youself! Your friend from Poland, Ula.

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