1001 events, 1001 emotions

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That I hardly could describe. Only God knows and only Him who could explain why things keep happening in such a magically strange way, that nobody would expect it could happen in anywhere but here. And this applies to both good events and bad events.

And only at times like this, you will realize how powerful He is. How He really does exist to listen to your prayers and make it true in instance. Also, how He really is able to punish you in instance just as well.

To put it in a simple sentence, right now for past few days I have been the sickest I ever felt in my entire life. I dont want to question why it happened this time, I cant blame the weather, I cant blame the dusty air. It is my punishment.

About the Hajj. I have done Wuquf at Arafat, which happened to have its own magical events also. Have done mabit in Muzdalifah to pick small stones, and 3 times to throw the Jamrat in Mina. Big tasks need big patience. Back to Makkah, and now I am waiting to do two last parts, while getting some rest.

Until next post. When hopefully I will be better. And Happy (belated) Eid.

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