It sounds weird to admit this, but this is actually the first time in my life attending a friend’s wedding. At the age of 26. While my younger sister Ismah has been attending thousands of her friends’ weddings all these years already.

ilyani and lenya.

lenya and ilyani.

I know I sound as if I am a friendless freak whose social life is revolving around only virtually with foreign buddies far far away, or/and used to be revolving around with an equally friendless boy. Okay, I do have a few friends, in fact, whom I was invited to their wedding and I could possibly attend, Akmal and Fizah for example.. only I was out of the country end of last year when those events happened. I know there have been some weddings happening since then among ex-UIA buddies, but most of them are too ‘foreign’ to me to attend the weddings, even if I was invited. Let’s just say, I would only attend weddings of my really close friends (still the ‘close’ term is rather subjective and I don’t actually specifically register who’s close and who’s not, neither define how close is ‘close’), otherwise I don’t actually fancy weddings, if you must know. Probably not until I have my own ;-D (okay, that’s lousy, I am sorry. But honestly, would you ever attend a wedding to witness all the happiness of the bride & groom, just right after the plan of your own marriage ridiculously failed?? And honestly again, I was actually secretly *glad* that I was out of the country end of last year so I didn’t have to attend them weddings :P)

Anyways. Congratulations to Lenya & Ceno. :))

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