First two hours with Az

Place: McDonald’s & intercity train platform, KL Sentral.

Time: 22 Feb 2010, 9.30pm, while waiting my train back to Penang.

First meeting with Az, after failing the plan a couple of times (either from my or his side). The meeting I have been expecting since past 4 months, which I thought to be very significantly EXCITING. BUT..


Let’s just say however much you’ve known someone virtually, by phone, email, chats, when everything has been so well.. it wouldn’t turn THAT easy when meeting in real life. Unexpected awkwardness + Speechless = Damn funny.

It was nevertheless a memorable meeting. :-)

I thought I would be talking much in the meeting.. and I thought I would be talking alot ABOUT the meeting here.. and how it has started.. the whole story… from his Google search and my blog discovery.. and the magical Facebook messages, and how things brought us to fall in love when we haven’t actually met in real life. The coincidence, the timing, the so-called destiny.. the chemistry. Hmm. But now I decided to save the story until the time I will really feel comfortable and excited enough to tell the world. Yeah, the time he visits me here in Nibong Tebal.. he says he will.. but I don’t know when… hopefully soon.. :P

Until then, bye.

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