is online!

OMG OMG OMG! Everything happened in just one night!

1 March, 5pm – I was wandering in a couple of web hosting sites comparing their packages.

1 March, 10pm – I bought Xtudent Hosting Plan from XD with a domain!

2 March, 1am – I installed WordPress on my hosted server! Moved ALL posts from fast!

2 March, 2am – I messed up everything =_= and got internal server error (duh!) Had to email the customer service people urgently!

2 March, 3am – Got a quick reply from Exabytes (thanks goodness), they made some tweaks and I could install WordPress fresh again. Moved posts again.

2 March, 3.30am – Okay, but now my index page didn’t show up my WordPress page, how come? Again need to consult CS.

2 March, 5am – Exabytes fixed it and is onlineeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYY!! XD XD XD

I am nuts.

And for the following 3 days I have been seeing myself stuck on the computer doing the design for the blog, oh well.

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