A few things before my escape from Nibong Tebal boredom for the weekend.

1. I’m going home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! :D It’s been one bloody month though I know it’s been the fast-passing month for this year, yet it feels so looooooooong when it comes to the fact that I haven’t been home for one month already. *missing my bed badly*

2. Apparently this personal blog of mine where I only talked to myself and Az (and silent readers, and people arriving from random search) all these while has been welcoming many blogger friends these days thanks to my sudden participation on Nuffnang and being friendly with other bloggers ^_^ It’s funny, I’m so afraid I’ll be popular soon :P LOL but anyway it’s great to make chatty friends inter-blogsphere which I only discovered very recently. And somehow I get to know many people and events going on, and get people to actually visit me and read my ramblings. So, I’m now properly welcoming you new friends and readers from Nuffnang or wherever.. it’s been fun having you here :)

3. A.I test was postponed to next week, so today we didn’t have anything much going on, but that would also mean I’ll have to study at home over the weekend T_T (I doubt that anyway.. but let’s see..)

4. I got invitation from Nuffnang for the Gatsby Street Fair but I still don’t know if I can make it since the time will be  about one week before my final exam, and I’m a bit lazy to go down KL all the way from Penang by myself alone unless Az will be free for a meet-up but he won’t :(

5. I didn’t get RM20 for my Week#3 Project Alpha entry – which was also my first participation (here) coz I think I was too late to be the first 100  :(( *sob*..

6. Nevermind, but the other week I won lucky draw from a blogshop with a shawl scarf and RM30 cash which I have yet to make a proper post thanking the organizer, I’ll do this weekend hopefully :D (though that RM30 prize was already finished earlier earlier =_=)

7. Hmm what else ah.. oh let me tell you that Az has promised me to come over Nibong Tebal after my final exam tau.. HEHE.. let me highlight the sentence again.. HE HAS PROMISED ME TO VISIT ME AFTER EXAM!!! *wink wink* hahaha big caps some more.. there you go, everyone reading this will be witnessing so he will have to keep his words no matter what happens :P

8. Okay lah I’m in good mood now coz  tomorrow and the weekend I’ll be spending time at home in my cosy bedroom , not this boring hostel in deserted USM Nibong Tebal.. have to leave my little friends here anyway coz I’m not gonna bring a huge suitcase. Padan muka.

Please take care of yourselves when I’m away okay?? Don’t try to mess up my room even more.

9. Bye and see you!

9 thoughts on “A few things before my escape from Nibong Tebal boredom for the weekend.

  1. it’s ok dear. try again next week. mke sure, when u wake up on monday, 1st thing u do, check whether the topic is reveal already o not. hahaha

    rina dah dapat rm60, since im doing the post for every week *on monday!

    anyway, kpd az, temanla ily pegi gatsby!! kalo x die xnak datang! haha pakse2

    *tetiba panggil ily wkakak. pjg no ilyani :P

  2. wah.. RM60… saya tak dapat lg sbb yang dapat tau projek alpha tu pon dah week #3.. T_T baru jer join Nuffnang pon tak sampai sebulan lagi.. hopefully yang week #4 tuh valid lar..
    hehehe nanti Monday first thing bangun pagi kena bukak Project Alpha page dulu :P

    hehehe *tgh fikir plan nak paksa Az* :P

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