My Date Night

I am in my own conflict to post this entry. It’s pretty obvious by now that I’ve been obsessed with Nuffnang and the ads and contests I’m having so many pending ideas to write about for each, but at the same time, for this topic, I feel rather bad that again I have to tell a story about Az for yet another time. I mean, I know I’ve been abusing his privacy lately thanks to mentioning him in almost every post in this blog =_= Sorry dear, but please bear with me this time as I’M WRITING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF FREE MOVIE TICKETS AND WE CAN WATCH IT WITH 89 OTHER NUFFNANGERS IN THE BIG SCREEN! :D WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now doesn’t that sound cool?

So let me begin. *Ahem…*

My date night with Az has actually been my first and only date with him so far. Can you believe it? After magically trapping him to arrive in my sappy blog from Google search sometime in October last year, and shortly later we found out that we liked each other, followed by countless chats and emails conversation and phone calls… but ONLY after 4 months passing, we were able to meet up for the first time. There were several attempts and plans to meet earlier, but they either ended with cancellation upon other commitment or disastrous event of a failing surprise thanks to his mobile phone that chose to die at that critical time.. ok.. no need to story about it =_=

Let’s go back to the happening date.

It was in KL Sentral, the night when I took a train back to Penang after the mid-semester holiday. He kept telling me he was nervous, but I pretended to be cool and steady, as if it was not gonna be a problem to me, meeting someone you’ve been sharing your feelings and talking about almost everything under the sun… for the first time!

9.45pm, I arrived in KL Sentral by LRT and was heading to McDonalds, our promised place since Az says he’s a big fan of McDonalds and loves refilling its Coke for many glasses. I sat there, calm, but of course I was nervous like hell too, in my mind constantly wondering many things, how does he really look? Will it be the same as the Facebook pics I’ve seen earlier? Will he turn out to be a decent man physically, in the sense of personality and attitude as he appears virtually? Will he….

*questions suddenly go away as a gentleman appears heading towards me* O_O

“Hi, Assalamualaikum” he says.

“Hi. Waalaikumsalam”… I answer. *then speechless*

*dont know what to say further.. can’t really stare his eyes either.. so panic now.. alamak.. why why why*

*Pretending checking something in the bag.. while he’s waiting for me to acknowledge his coming*

*my forehead sweating (v_v;).. still can’t make eye contact with his.. aakk.*



Hehehehe, no lah, afterwards we just started talking as usual, take pictures some more. Though not as ‘talkative’ as we had been virtually and on the phone. I really don’t understand.. maybe it’s normal for a physical first date? Regardless you’ve known each other so much already by that time? Hmm… or maybe it’s the fact that I hadn’t been in a date with a guy for more than a year already, hence the weird feelings? =_= Okay, that could be true as well. Aiyoh.

Nevermind, it was nevertheless a real meaningful start, with him sending me to the train terminal and right into the train itself after the McDonalds treat :) Indeed, a memorable date night, it was. *happy sigh*

And bla bla bla.. and later the prince and princess live happily ever after… (typical default happy ending now coz I’m lazy to ramble even more..)

I hope I can still be among the first 90 entries for this contest, PLEASE????????????? Thank you! ^_^


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