Postcards to Nibong Tebal

I’m dedicating this post to Nay, a cheerful blogger whom I came across during blogwalking lately who happens to be a Postcrosser :) I mean, it’s such a pure luck to meet a Postcrosser outside Postcrossing site itself, no? (that counts Postcrossing Forum and postcards-related blogs and Facebook as well – where I already have loads of Postcrossers in friend list – and there could be more Postcrossers who are friends of friends therefore meeting Postcrossers on FB is no longer a coincidence) so YAY, I was happy as I found at least one among those bunch of bloggers from Nuffnang community visiting me lately who shares the same passion as I do! :D

And yesterday I received 2 official cards again – addressed to my hostel. As I said earlier I have put my Postcrossing career in rest  ever since I came to study in USM (I used to be a certified full-time Postcrosser, mind you – though a full-time career as a Postcrosser was more like spending more money while earning nothing :P), but as I got some cards in my hands the other month it was hard enough to resist myself from requesting address on Postcrossing. Hence the guilty pleasure, again, and I now started sending postcards after one semester of being totally inactive. And also, the swaps from people who PM me after being featured as Postcrossing Spotlight. And these are what I received within past few weeks:

From China, Brazil, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Finland, India, Romania, Serbia,  Slovenia.

If only I had a scanner here in my hostel room, you’ll not be surprised at all if you see me start scanning postcards and uploading to Flickr and updating the postcards blog again :P Well my roommate has a scanner, but it’s pointless to borrow for such purpose, I mean, okay, maybe I’m still not that desperate to update my Postcrossing collection just yet. (p.s. I used to be more than desperate actually – was spending hours in UIA computer lab many years ago only to scan my postcards when my scanner got broken =_= now give me a surprised look, I dont mind.) Well yeah, perhaps I’m still keeping my words that I said when I was about to give it a rest for a while as I knew I’d be having so much to do once I continue studying, even though I am not entirely too busy, but still, I know if I start doing it, then I’ll be devoting all my time and soul and money to it :)

To anyone else, apart from Nay, who pass by here and you’re a Postcrosser, please say hello to me! And my question now, are you as crazy as me (and many others, actually) who would keep a blog entirely about postcards you receive?

4 thoughts on “Postcards to Nibong Tebal

  1. a post dedicated to moi?FLATTERED!!! hehe.. and those postcars!!oh my.. i was so excited about PS (haha maklumlah, newbie) i got myself another 2 address and sent them yesterday)..seeing ur collection of postcards, oh i CANT WAIT TO GET MINE!! :)

    hehehe.. :) maybe we should exchange postcards, too? **wink

  2. Hi! I am Angelxz on Postcrossing. I came across your blog looking for info on Postcrossing meetings. I’d love to attend one but I don’t think any have been set up in my neck of the woods (Florida, USA). Anyway, this hobby almost seems like an obsession but I don’t mind. I see postcards as little works of art and they help me meet fascinating people. I have yet to create a blog. I might do so later after I can get themes going in my collection. Have a great day. Happy Mailbox!!

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