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Finally I decided to migrate all 2600+ my photos from Flickr to Picasa, as much as I love my Flickr which I joined since 2005 (and even more after I upgraded to Pro 2 years ago) I have this thinking that I may have something more crucial to spend USD25 for than to renew its subscription next time.. seeing that I dont practically use it much apart of storing thousands of my postcards pictures… so I guess a free Picasaweb will just do for hosting my photos which most of them are the postcards scans… and only a small proportion are normal photos. And poor Ilyani has to go cheap now.

Have to admit I dont really like Picasaweb interface, its gallery, the album views etc.. they’re ugly :( I love Flickr and it’s pretty. But one great thing I found Picasaweb better than Flickr is how fast the image loads. And you can dowload the image right away on the image page. Unlike Flickr, now I realize I can no longer “save as” the picture ¬†on its page, rather have to go deeper to All Size > Download Original Size. I mean, it wastes one click already.

Oh kay, and Picasaweb is free for now (up to 1Gb only, but thats helluva space already if I only want it to host image to embed on the blogs and stuff). And Flickr Pro will only be worth your RM80+ per year if you use it on common basis, or do high resolution professional photography.

I still have half a year to go with my Flickr Pro (which I now a little tiny bit regret for renewing its subscription last time knowing that I no longer upload postcards to it already.. sigh.. wasted) but until then, whoever wish to see my Postcrossing collection.. (especially to Nay ;-) eh… did you receive any postcard yet??) here is the collection I have been so proud of :P

5 thoughts on “Flickr to Picasaweb

  1. im using picasaweb.. =)
    but i think the quality is not as good as flickr and photobucket..
    but im no national geography photographer and my blog is not some famous photography blog.. so.. nvm la =P

  2. I agree that flickr is looking really pretty compared to picassa. And the opportunity to have a favorites section. But for my purposes picassa is good enough and I did not want to pay for – so who cares about the “outfit” of the webpage :D

  3. hmm i used photobucket. quite like their photoshop tools..
    i have not try flickr, since u say til so nice, i shall try to sign up one too.

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