Exabytes promotion for USM students!

The other day I received a comment by Ladycooper in this post informing me about this. Exabytes is having freaking cheap package for students! And this time, they particularly mentioned USM in the promotion package :D Click here for detais.

See? Siap dengan USM logo lagi..hehe.. though it’s much the same thing as the current Xtudent promotion they’re having (here), regardless which university or college you’re from (I dont think they care much anyway :P) and yeah, now RM49.50 only for hosting package including domain!! T_T .. Now you’re asking why I’m sad when I’m supposed to be happy with that super discounted price.. COZ I BOUGHT THE SAME XTUDENT PACKAGE 3 MONTHS AGO AT RM99.00 DAMMIT.


*still sad*

*wish they had this promotion 3 months ago*

*or I had waited til May to purchase my hosting package*


Now rugi RM50.. haih.

So you students of USM or wherever, go and buy Xtudent package from Exabytes now otherwise later you’ll regret as I do now.

5 thoughts on “Exabytes promotion for USM students!

  1. ilyani, jangan risau, you tak rugi langsung.
    at least sekarang ni, you dah expert in setting up.
    you boleh buka training class, ajar kawan2 yang interested untuk migrate from blogspot ke paid hosting.

    Masa training ni, you boleh encourage student you signup Exabytes student package melalui affiliate link (kalau you dah join Exabytes Angel program) untuk earn extra income.

    you untung banyak tau? hahaha.

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