Reunion with Aliah & Yul-goon!! :D

OMG! My long lost Postcrossing-ToyVoyagers buddy Aliah happens to start lecturing in some uni in Penang after completing her Masters since recently, so hey, she’s apparently become a Penangite as I am, though we’re about some 20km apart, but what the hell, the other day I had A SURPRISE REUNION WITH YUL-GOON!!

I mean, seriously!

The last time I met Aliah (and Yul-goon, in that purpose) was back in 2007 when I was in UIA and she was in UiTM Shah Alam and being some crazy Postcrossers and ToyVoyagers-addicts at that particular time, we traveled 2 hours by bus with handful of toys to Malacca for two main missions:

  1. Bring our toys to see this significantly historical town and take pics like mad.
  2. Shop for awesome variety of Malacca postcards like mad.

2007. Melaka.

Oh yeah, add to the mission: 3) eat Mi Bandung Muar with Kak Nurul :)) And visit her house to see HUGE collection of her stamps and postcards that simply make you faint. Or rather, make you feel like stealing them altogether! No wonder Newrule has been #1 rank on most sent/receives among Malaysia Postcrossers ever since I can remember. She is everyone’s role model okay! Even though me and Aliah have been slowing down since, after years, but Newrule still maintains her rank! Dont you think she deserves to be awarded THE MOST LOYAL MALAYSIAN POSTCROSSER EVER EXIST ON EARTH? Please give applause to Newrule! :D (pics not included here)

Oh well. Those were the moments. That was 3 freaking years ago, now tell me how could time fly this fast?? =.=

Now back to Aliah and me. Within this time, both of us have graduated, looked for job, got a job, got bored working, quit job, went back to uni to study Masters. Also, slowed down with Postcrossing and ToyVoyagers altogether. Dont know why, but perhaps this is how life goes.

And last Sunday evening, I guess exactly after 3 years, we met again.. and Yul-goon was here too YAY! :D Who would have thought? ;D

2010. Juru Autocity, Penang.

Now that Aliah lives only less than one hour away from me, I can sense that there will come the times soon I’ll see myself go for a postcards-hunt-and-toys-hangout trip with her again :P in Penang!!! Now I’m just waiting for Kelisa to be back to me.

2 thoughts on “Reunion with Aliah & Yul-goon!! :D

  1. wa cambesh je postcrossing, baru tau huhu

    rina dulu kecik2 suke kmpul sticker
    besar sket suke kumpul bookmark

    skarang suke kumpul lemak



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