Got the first customer for my serviced apartment! :D

YAY. Who could have thought, this new business of mine started way better this time, and I had someone booking for a stay in my apartment even before I finished furnishing ;-) She was searching “hotel chantique” on Google and arrived right into my blog when I was talking about the furnishing the other week. The family came over to Kota Bharu for holiday and attending kenduri, and while initially they wanted to stay for 2 nights, this afternoon when they just arrived here and I brought them inside the apartment, they’ve now decided to extend the stay for another night! So yay, Alhamdulillah :)  Nasib baik sempat kemas & siapkan apartment tuh last minit sebelum diorang datang! ^_^;

For more info, pictures and reservation of C Chantique Villa serviced apartment, please check

Thanks! :D

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