Yippie! I registered myself on CouchSurfing the other day, after a couple of years having heard about it from Postcrossing friends (if I remember it right, it was the time when the Postcrossing webmasters Ana & Paulo came to see Kuala Lumpur back in 2008 and they mentioned something about staying in someone’s house – or in their correct term – surfing in someone’s couch in KL).

For a curious person like me, I liked the idea just instantly when I heard about it. Some other Postcrossers on forum are also in CS, as they seem to be regular traveler, they make friends when they’re traveling and it seems so fun and convenient! It’s like, you already have friends to expect you as guest at the place you’re going, and you dont have to worry much about getting lost. It’s not actually about finding a free stay whenever you’re traveling abroad, but to me it’s good enough if I could get to know a few local people in the places I’ll be visiting, communicate with them and get as much as idea as possible of what to see, what to expect, where to go, how much to spend, all other things you need to prepare yourself before setting up a journey. Especially it’s your very first independent trip to somewhere abroad. So I wont be a total stranger at the place I’m visiting!

I didnt register to CS two years ago when I first knew about it even though I was already thrilled about the idea, coz it was simply pointless as I was living in a shared apartment and couldnt host anyone (and even worse.. now back to living in hostel, duh!), and I could never travel independently back then. No money, no travel partner. Hopefully, things will change starting next year and I’ll be able to travel freely. (yes, please give me a job that pays me well, amin).

Now you’re asking where on earth I’ll be going to? Hehe, I’m not telling now :P Too early, I can say, though actually it’s been secretly well prepared already! XD (I’m excited, yey!)

Unless you’re also on CS and let me know, we can be friends in there :P

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