I got an eyelid infection, now my right eye has a bump and bruise. (somehow I wanted to blame this eye cream I used to wear a couple of months back, but then why right eye only?)

I cant go to library or school with this horrible face of mine.

And I got fungus infection at the back of my neck. (!!)

And I got stung by charlie (aka semut kayap) yet for another time   T_T (dah banyak scar kat peha, kat belly, kat lengan, benci charlie!! Ni la akibatnya USM terceruk tengah ladang kelapa sawit)

What happened to me now? :(

I want to get out of this horrible place, please???

I’m still stuck with my program and cant seem to get the desired result however many times I’ve fixed the codes. I started to think my Matlab software has been infected by a virus that it’s not giving me my wanted output correctly.

Infection everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Unwell

  1. i’m one of the “strangers” readers!

    I came to your blog as part of exploring about USM 4 months ago and since then i regulary check your blog.

    Its my first semester in this “deserted” campus!:D. Few days ago i had the same “right eyelid infection”.

    anyway – i hope you get well soon.

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