The Chronicles of Right Eyelid Infection

Day 4. Getting OK.

I can now open my right eye by 85% (it was barely 30% the other night when it was the worst – yes, and I realized that I tend to be unnecessarily emotional whenever I get down with sickness like this =_=, where’s my patience??!)


Maybe I *did* become patient enough that yesterday evening a magical happiness happened totally out of the blue! Bless my infected right eye that I managed to SEE what had been ‘unseen’ all this while :P

I’ll let the print screen below do the talking ;D

2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Right Eyelid Infection

  1. ahah? infection? macam ketumbit jer..anyway kalau sbb itu i suggest guna FUCITHALMIC…(tp dptkan advice doktor dulu)… pasal kita mata sensitif, pernah wat minor operation lagi, so out of suma ubat(kalo ketumbit la) ini yang bagus.. ketumbit bole terjadi sbb stress, tangan kotor rub kat mata, liang air mata tersumbat etc..(bukan intai org mandi ek..heheh).. takpun cuci mata..amik baby shampoo 1 sudu teh cmpur warm water..amik cotton bud then cuci mata sekitar eyelid…sometimes bila stress macam2 infection boleh berlaku kat mata. take care dear..

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