No title, but it’s not important.

  1. Coz this will be random as always.
  2. I am still lazy to take any pics right now. Pelamin masih tak siap. Hahaha. *masih sedaya upaya kerah idea to arrange the flowers*
  3. If you think I’m nervous, you’re so wrong :) The day will be just another day to me, the only thing significant that it’s the day my status will change from single to married. I dont think I see the day as a bigass extravagant ceremony whatsoever. The guests are all my parents’ relatives and friends, most of whom I dont even know and they dont even know me =,= The kenduri/wedding lunch belongs to my parents. Not mine. Though of course, you’re normally expected to layan the guests as well when you’re the bride. I wish I could just sneak into the room after the akad nikah/solemnization/photo session and sleep ^_^ I wish.
  4. I am NEVER a fan of weddings myself, so you can tell it by now. The only single wedding of friends I ever attended was Lenya’s, and it was only because it was Lenya’s. I never had such itch of obligations to attend any friend’s wedding invitation before this. And I’ll be fine if they dont turn up to mine as well :p
  5. I am not a person who wants the very best of every single thing for the wedding. Like, yes it’s a day to remember and I’m so excited for the day but I just dont like following the standards and trends of others. And I dont like being told or advised to follow the standards. I have my own standard and I find it perfectly fine. (read: my standard is “not following any standard”, thank you ^_^)
  6. Though it was even hard to make it real, with family and parents suggestions and ideas mixing together, in the end I have to be moderate with my own weirdness. Agh.
  7. Life after marriage is way more important to plan and prepare rather than planning on wedding itself. Az says this and I totally agree. Maybe that’s one of the reason we do clique, hehe.
  8. Oh, I got an interview call today! (Tiba2 off topic). Interview will be on Friday 11th Feb. So I can follow Az back to KL after the wedding, maybe Thursday, and fly back home on Monday.
  9. Off to sleep now.

3 thoughts on “No title, but it’s not important.

  1. Life after marriage is way more important to plan and prepare rather than planning on wedding itself.
    .. touched when u recalled it. luv – azhar

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