Hi. I’m still here.

In case you’ve been thinking that I have officially closed ilyani.net once I got married.

It’s been more than a month seeing myself as a wife to Az, I am surprised with myself that I managed to abandon my blog for this long. I wanted to give an update from the very wedding day, but kept forgetting (read: procrastinating) and weeks passed by with so many events happening I could no longer catch them in track and it now seems almost impossible to write every single thing from the beginning.

Among the reasons, well, was the final departure of our beloved grandmother (whom we fondly called Cik), exactly 2 weeks after seeing her all healthy, smiling ear-to-ear during my wedding meeting relatives and guests.  And imagine one day Az and I were having a day out with her, eating pizza and such, and week later seeing her warded in ICU, unconscious, and simply a few days later, a news that this only grandma I’ve ever got, has eventually passed away. It happened so fast, unexpected and drastic. Needless to say within a few weeks with my wedding. The twist of life has put me into a deep confusion I no longer had any idea how I could write happy stuff and put all smiling wedding pics in this blog in those days, however much I had planned to do so even before the wedding.

Anyways. Sad story aside, I have been living in KL for a couple of weeks now, attending some interviews. I only managed to start applying job once the wedding thingy was over. Believe me, it’s tiring. Thanks goodness that the reception at Az’s house will only be in May (note: in Malay culture there usually will be two wedding receptions, one is bride’s – this is also when the marriage solemnization takes place; and another at the groom’s, usually held a few days to a few weeks after the bride’s reception) otherwise it’d be too hectic for another immediate event. In between me seeking a job, adjusting in being a housewife,  we’re now finalizing our India trip plan. So many things, so little time.. *happy sigh*

Right now we’re in PJ Community Library, me studying some thick computer books for tomorrow’s interview, and Az with his work (at this point of time I love the fact that my husband is a freelancer as he can follow me like everywhere :P).

No wedding picture in this post yet. Maybe next post. Heck, I havent even got time to sort the album as yet. Only one pic in my Facebook if you like. Only one, yep.

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