Sunset shikara ride

Shikara ride at Clermont Houseboat: Rs.300

We cannot give any excuse for Mr Ghulam’s offer to take shikara ride with Lhasa (the old guy’s name is really Lhasa!) since we did not yet ride any shikara when we were staying near at Ambassador Houseboat. Mr Ghulam said we could go with Lhasa for shikara ride during sunset for Rs. 250 for one hour. So after coming back from walking in Nasim Bagh, we’re now ready for shikara treat with Lhasa!


The difference between riding boat and shikara is shikara has a comfy cushion you can lay down your back on, and it perfectly fit for 2 people and we can relax while appreciating the beauty of the lake.


Hazratbal Mosque seen from afar, and majestic mountains with its reflection that we’re really fond of.

Our favorite view, definitely! In the part of Dal Lake near Clermont Houseboat, you cannot see any other houseboats in the lake (we can tell that Clermont is actually a high-end exclusive houseboat!) and there’s a small island (I heard it’s man-made?) in the center of the lake, complete with trees and some pavilions for you to stop and get mesmerized some more with the surrounding.



We took some photos when we arrived at this small island, and it seems to be a recreational place to some, because there was a family stopped by here with their boat too bringing the kids to have some fun.

Pretty background, yes!


Lhasa is almost like a family member of Butt’s. He grew up together with Mr Bashir and Mr Ghulam and the way he put it “when they started school, I started the job”. So he must be one of the longest time serving people to Butt’s family. Just like Ramzan who has worked for 45 years here. By age, Lhasa would have been more.

Although, we were a little surprised that he said he would charge Rs 300 for this ride, which is against what Mr Ghulam had said to us earlier. He said the J&K Tourism Body already set the standard shikara ride for one hour is Rs. 300, and yes, we have to admit we saw such signboard in Dal Gate telling that. Yet we also admit that people even offered us shikara ride for Rs. 150 only. But we did not want to get annoyed so much rather we’re already pleased to be here in Clermont’s Houseboat.. it seems like we won a five star honeymoon package!

When the sunset is coming nearer, we got back into shikara again to watch the sunset from the center of the lake.. It feels so warm and relaxing. We are having our nicest moments here, watching sunset together from shikara, here in Dal Lake. It feels just perfect.



Sunset and more sunset views… and we can’t get enough of it!

Now. Isn’t this amazing?


Few of countless photos we took during the shikara ride :)) Like the one especially Lhasa seen at the back :P


Other boats we passed by.. and villages seen from afar.

Lovely views all around ^_^ Now watch the video if you still can’t get enough of these pretty scenery :)

Mr Ghulam group of houseboats seen from the lake. Now we’re going back to our room as it’s getting dark. Still, we’re planning to sneak out to night market later.

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