Hazratbal night market

After shikara, we quickly went out to see night market in Hazratbal town.


We came across a stall selling some fried stuff like the lotus root we found earlier during our first visit in Hazratbal. But now it doesn’t look attractive anymore (maybe because there’s LOT of them and not actually freshly fried?) But as we walked further to the main area of night market, we saw something really interesting: a GIANT prata! It was being fried in a giant pan with a giant stick to lift it! I was wondering who would eat a prata bread this big?? I mean, seriously! And they’re making them alot actually as if there’s a queue of people wanting to buy them, which actually nobody’s really buying. In fact, we can see many sellers than buyers at this night market. Maybe people are not yet out to get their dinner?


We stopped at this stall which sells barbecue lamb in sticks, just like our stay. It’s Rs. 20 per stick, but you are also given a complete set: with a piece of naan, sauce and some salad (like coleslaw). It tasted great! I wanted to eat more but Az says Ramzan would already prepare our dinner and it’s not good if we go back with full stomach. Okay, but I said I want to come here again next time for this lamb stick!

Later we went to nearby Hazratbal mosque, and this time we get to see its view at night, which is fantastic with green-lit dome, and we met this friendly cute boy at the mosque yard. We had our Maghrib prayer here before heading back to our houseboat.


Hazratbal Mosque at night

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