Morning walk along Dal Lake

We’re going to visit the Mughal gardens finally, it’s always easy to take auto-rickshaw, but as Ramzan said it’s still reachable by walking, we wanted to try and see if we can manage to walk until Shalimar Garden. So after breakfast, we started walking to the opposite side than we always come from Dal Gate by auto-rickshaw. We’re glad that we took the walk, it might be the longest walk we had in Srinagar, but it was worth every step. It didnt feel tiring at all when you’re surrounded by beautiful view of nature you cannot stop being mesmerized with.


The road has a sufficient space for pedestrian, and it wasn’t busy either. We passed by houses, villages, while the Dal Lake is always at our right. Yes, we encounter yet another group playing cricket.


Views of Dal lake and mountains from afar.

We walked slowly and enjoyed every moment of it. As we’re not rushing for anything. It’s still early and we hope to do Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh and Tulip garden before visiting Saba’s house. Saba will be back from school by 4pm so we still have enough time.


We passed by local people and they greet us nicely (and I believe they also gave a weird look, wondering why these tourists are walking at this unexpected place)… :P


We stopped by an aunty selling vegetables, and another aunty we passed by and she stopped to give salam, although she didnt seem to understand English :)

Every single view we passed by was priceless. The left pic here is Az’s favorite snap, which according to him, is perfect enough to print as postcard :P We dont know what activity the man has inside the lake (is it part of the lake? It looks like swamp in a way).

We still havent found any sight of signboard leading us to Shalimar Bagh, but we dont mind and walked further. We didnt want to stress ourselves on finding the garden that much. The surrounding views we’re seeing now are so pretty as if we’re already in a garden :)

While we’re walking, there was a car passing by us and suddenly it stopped at the other side of the road. Az was wondering if the car stopped for us, but I said, it couldnt be. I was wrong, coz suddenly a young guy came out of the car, crossing the road and approaching us!

We were so surprised and overwhelmed that the guy literally stopped to greet us, as if he never seen any foreign tourists before! :P He was friendly and kind, we asked if we’re heading the right direction towards Shalimar Bagh, and he confirmed it yes, although he was surprised that we chose to walk this far to there. We like walking, we told him :) He asked if we like this place and its people, and of course we do! He also shared with us something about youths in Srinagar, being difficult to get a job. After we took photo with him, he left and we continued our walk.


Az with the guy who stopped the car, crossed the road only to say Hi to us. Amazing, isn’t it? :) We love Kashmiri people! And there was sight of women drying grains, which reminds me to such similar views in my father’s hometown village when I was young.


We came to this junction that we’re supposed to follow the narrow road as it will lead to Shalimar Bagh. It doesnt look like an official path to a tourist place. But hey, we are now walking and didnt go the tourist way in the first place! So nevermind, this might be a shortcut, and it was fun, coz along this path there was a small stream, and I could see some small boats commuting bringing stuff. The old man gave an annoyed look when I took his photo, and showing his hand in such a way he would ask for money. But we quickly walked away towards our destination.

Now comes the magnificent view. A filed of yellowish thingy (flowers, maybe? But a huge full field of it?) with a sight of mosque from afar, with huge mountainous background! Now this is MY version of photo to be made postcard :P


I was excited seeing these yellow flowers could get close to it! They actually plant the flower, for their oil. Yes, whatever, but it’s so pretty and we dont get to see them in Malaysia!


We finally reached the mosque that we had seen from afar just now, and decided to make a stop for it’s time for Zuhur prayer.


There were male and female toilets at the back, this mosque seems to belong to local villagers here.

After prayer, we walked towards Shalimar Bagh gate, purchased the ticket, but before entering, we saw a cobbler in front of the gate so we went to repair my shoes again.

Now I asked him to completely sew the shoe base instead of just putting glue like previous cobbler did. Coz it seems that my shoes have walked for many kilometers and still need to walk for more kilometers ahead and gluing alone doesnt seem enough. The cobbler was quick, and I had my shoes ready in less than 10 minutes.

While waiting,  we wanted to buy some local snacks at the stalls. There was this stall selling something with boiled eggs poured on them something like chili powder. I was curious how it was eaten, with some curry-like source. Az said the food looks too strange to his taste, so we went to nearby shop which sells fried snakcs as well (like goreng pisang etc) and we had this thing like curry-puff, which taste quite okay.


Okay, now we’re heading to Mughal Garden Shalimar Bagh. And here’s the wrap-up video of this long walk ;D

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