Srinagar: Nishat Bagh

How to get there: take auto-rickshaw (from Shalimar to Nishat, it’s Rs.50)
Entrance: Rs.5

We took auto-rickshaw for Nishat Bagh as our feet start getting hurt. This garden is nothing too different than Shalimar Bagh, except that it’s facing directly to the Dal Lake.


Similar to Shalimar Bagh, it has a long pool which actually comes from higher levels as you walk inside, but we didnt walk that far anymore, only up to second level.


Close-ups of flowers which Az love to capture. And description of Nishat Bagh, if you like to read.

You can see the water actually comes from higher levels of pools built in terrace just like in Shalimar Bagh, which I guess it comes from the mountain stream if we really go and check until its end. And the mountains! Which always look incredibly great as backgrounds.

Here we come to think the reasons that in those time the Mughal King built so many gardens in Srinagar, possibly for Royal sightseeing. We dont even know their actual palace location! Still, it’s a good thing that they know how to preserve gardens until hundreds years. I cannot even think of any similar place in Malaysia. All gardens we have are modern-made landscape.

There are even many other Mughal Gardens not in our list for visiting, like Chashma Shahi, Pari Mahal.. although they look stunning in pictures when we saw them on internet, and Mr Showkat in Delhi recommended Chashma Shahi, those two gardens are apparently located a bit far away and out of these path Shalimar Bagh – Nishat Bagh – Tulip Garden. Not having much time and less interested in covering all gardens when they could be almost the same, we decided to skip Chashma Shahi and Pari Mahal and the rest of the gardens. Maybe we’ll go next time we visit Kashmir again ;)


Nishat Bagh seems a bit open than Shalimar, maybe lacking big old trees inside. And not many pavilions. We didnt find it too special, so we didnt spend long in here. Or maybe we have had enough of garden moments when we were in Shalimar and another Mughal Garden doesnt seem to impress us much anymore :P

We took some photos here nevertheless, although with face looking a bit tired and not amused by now. We passed by a gardener who’s watering the flowers. So the flowers are happy and blooming pretty! Our next place is Tulip Garden, which initially on top of our garden list. But we’ll see how good it is.

Yes, as seen here, Nishat Bagh is facing the Dal Lake, just opposite the road.

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