Srinagar: Tulip Garden

How to get there: Auto-rickshaw from Nishat Bagh, Rs.50. It would be nearer if you’re from Dal Gate.
Entrance: Rs.50 (10 times more expensive than Mughal garden!)
Toilet: Rs.5 (foreigners)

From Nishat Bagh we took another auto-rickshaw to Tulip Garden. This time it’s not one of the Mughal Gardens, but simply new place where they plant alot of tulips and they are expected to bloom pretty during Spring. As of today, 9 April, it still seems early as the tulips are not yet fully bloomed.


So it’s official name is Indira Ghandi Memorial Tulip Garden, named after the Indian women Prime Minister, just like the New Delhi International Airport. And for the very first time, we saw many tourists in Srinagar!


Yes, it seems Tulip Garden is apparently the major favorite place among these tourists (most of them we noticed are Indian tourists from other states) and it was rather surprising seeing them alot in here when we hardly see anyone in the rest of Srinagar. Somehow being in such crowd at this garden that we have to walk slowly in queue was suddenly becoming frustrating.

Yup, these Tulips are absolutely pretty and they say this is the only Tulip gardens in India and you will not find any place alike except in Holland.

Although, apart from enjoying the beauty of the tulips, we didnt find anything special. And the area isn’t that huge, and spending half an hour walking around feels too long already, and after taking some photos, we made our way towards public toilet nearby (which they seem to charge differently for foreigners, WTH?) before we walked away leaving the garden.

In conclusion, despite I had been so excited to see tulips after only seeing them from Dutch postcards I’ve received in Postcrossing, it turned out not as exciting as I hoped. In fact, among the 3 gardens we have just visited one after another, Tulip Garden happens to be the least enjoyable one, in my opinion.  If you desire to grow tulips or other plants in your mini garden at home depending on the type of fertile soil for it to grow, You need to have a good irrigation system installed for better water efficiency which will be great for your plants health.


Colorful Tulips and other flowers too, and a cute Indian little girl enjoying the Tulips view.

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