Last day in Kashmir

From Clermont Houseboat to JKT Bus stand: Got ride by Mr Bashir
Shuttle bus to Srinagar airport: Rs.45

Our last night at Clermont Houseboat was in this small cottage in the corner. We had to move out from the big houseboat because there will be some VIP guest going to check-in, but it’s more than okay, coz this cottage is very cozy! In fact, I’m not sure if it’s floating on water like houseboats as well but it’s surely located the same rows with them along the lake bank.


Our last breakfast in Clermonts! Breakfast while watching beautiful view out the window, how perfect is that?


The first picture is our room, and there’s another room next door with twin beds. And the bathroom in this cottage also is also complete with bath tub! What else would you need more?


The living room, and our bags! Oh, and we’re writing the Guest Book No.15 already! Each guest books has got few hundred pages with notes by everyone who have stayed in Clermont’s. So you do the maths, how many guests have been leaving their marks here already. Needless to say, ever since Mr Ghulam’s father’s generation!


The whole view of the living room, and yes, the pretty view outside the window again :-)


Me with Janice! (yup, the one who surprisingly took our photos on shikara! And us with Clermont’s family.

From left: Yusuf, someone from NGO (Janice’s colleague, I guess), me, Mr Ghulam Butt, Az, Ramzan, Mr Bashir, and Mr Ghulam’s son. After saying goodbye, Mr Bashir gave us a ride to the bus station in Tourism Center. But before that, we stopped by at his family’s shop in Srinagar town as he was dealing some urgent matter.



We were lucky to catch the bus for airport, coz we were told because of tighter security force for aiport thanks to recent incident, there will be only one bus trip for today to airport. Out of the blue, we encountered again the mysterious guy at the station, and this time we had to ask his name and take photo! His name is Farouq and he’s actually one of the Tourism Center people! Oh, no wonder we always came across him around here and on the street! We asked from him about the old guy that brought us to the first shop here when we arrived in Srinagar, because I had to exchange the item, and he helped us to get to the shop again, and I ended up buying 3 more shawls :P

The bus took half an hour to get to Srinagar Airport. We’re so sad to leave this wonderful Kashmir! Suddenly Az encountered two men he seems familiar with- they’re his father’s good friends. And they’re the first Malaysians we finally met in Kashmir!

Our AirIndia flight was delayed by almost 2 hours, and now I’m cursing myself for not choosing SpiceJet again on our way back to Jammu (I was thinking of having variety, but it seems AirIndia was not the right choice!). Although they gave some meal box while waiting, it didnt help us feeling better. Plus, they didnt even have on board magazine we could ask to keep like we did in SpiceJet. And even worse, I had left our SpiceJet magazine at Ambassador Houseboat.. :(


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