CouchSurf with Sudhir in Jammu

We arrived in Jammu airport in the afternoon and received call from Sudhir that his representative will fetch us at the airport. We had to walk outside the airport gate as people who didnt have traveling document i.e. not using the flight are not allowed to enter even the airport area. We felt bad because our flight was delayed and we could not inform earlier, but the guy who came to fetch us was a kind man wearing turban. We got into his van and he brought to us to a sweet house with large garden which we guess belongs to Sudhir.


Sudhir is still at office but he has a ‘caretaker’ at home, named Rahul, a young man who is also his cook. It was still early and we have almost half a day before our train to Delhi tonight. We were given a room to get rest and use the bathroom for refreshment. However, we like to stay at the living room while waiting for Sudhir. He has a good collection of travel magazines and books we had to use the opportunity to read them. Oh, and we were given some tasty tea too!


Sudhir’s house has the most gorgeous garden we have seen. It has many different types of flowers we cannot help but fell in love with!


Pretty flowers make everyone happy! Aren’t you? :)

One of many snaps of me with Sudhir’s roses! I wish to have a lovely garden like this too ^_^


South Indian food cooked by Rahul (enclosed pic). Sudhir comes from Bangalore in South Indian so even though staying in Jammu, he needs a cook who can cook him South Indian food. They’re vegetarian but they eat eggs.

Sudhir came home around 5pm and we had alot of chat with him while Rahul is done with his cooking. We asked him where to buy Kurta and chess set, and he showed us some of his Kurta collection and gave some places in Delhi we could find them and even locate them on our Delhi Metro map! One of them is Karol Bagh, which we had never heard before but we would go and look. For chess set, Sudhir said, we should go to Connaught Place.

Having dinner with Sudhir was really great. It was our first time having South Indian food (after more than a week with Northern Indian/Kashmiri food!) so it was real new. Although vegetarian, the dishes have alot of spices so each give particularly different taste. I specially liked the vegetable soup. Rahul took many hours preparing these food and they’re alot of them as if he’s feeding 10 people! We ate alot yet there’s still alot more leftoever, which we felt bad!

Thank you Sudhir for hosting us and great dinner! About one hour before our train departure, his driver again along with Rahul went to send us directly to the train station. How wonderful they are!

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