Unfortunate event of Jammu – Delhi – Agra route

Train Jammu – Delhi: Jhelum Express Train# 11078, Depart Jammu Tawi 21:45, Arrive New Delhi 10:05, Duration 12h 20m, Class: AC 2 Tier Cost: Rs. 1,855/2pax
Breakfast in train: Omlette Rs.21, Potato Rs.13, Toblerone chocolate Rs.60, Lays Rs.30, Nescafe and tea Rs.20

Hate to write about this and looooong story which I dont feel like recalling.

But short story is, when arriving New Delhi from Jammu, we helplessly got cheated by a tout so convincing enough that we believed that our next train to Agra was delayed (and canceled). Had to go to travel agents to book some bus and (foolishly, plane?? We thought Agra was so close to Delhi that it doesn even have airport! But the guys were talking about getting plane and we almost believed it? Did we get hypnotized?) only to realize later when we went to Mr.Bashir’s place to ask help, and the guys at Mr Bashirs clearly told us that we got cheated. T_T

Had to return back our bus with some cancellation fees, and bought another train ticket to Agra. One day wasted in Delhi, and allocated days in Agra has now become 1.5 days instead of 2.5 days earlier. But we’ll have to adapt to it and re-plan quickly.


Only one thing that made us happy for this day, was for the very first time in India that we found an auto-rickshaw practically using the meter!!!! All rickshaws we had ride before never bothered using this hoping to overcharge us tourists! Oh yes, on our way to Delhi Nizamuddin train station, we saw the parliament building from afar (that we had not enough time to get close to during our Delhi sightseeing before).

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