Rooftop restaurants in Agra

Dinner: Rs.450

Jabbar told us about this restaurant, he said many of restaurants in here are actually not serving Halal food so we have to be aware of that. So he brought us to this restaurant, which was rather decent, I guess it’s a hotel restaurant and its rooftop has a good view of Taj Mahal from afar.


It was evening and we’re having our dinner while watching Taj Mahal. It looks far yet so close :) For we havent yet been to Taj Mahal (it will be tomorrow!) we’re so excited to get to see this view although from afar. Taj Mahal does look amazingly stunning!

So we happily took some photos while waiting for dinner. There are a number of western tourists having their meal here too, so it seems this restaurant is quite popular and good (we hope!). When we’re having hard time doing self-taken photo of both of us, one of the tourists offered to take our pic, great!

Later it was getting dark raining, so we had to downstair for dinner at another area. The food was okay, and price was okay also. We got to sit in a huge table with a German couple and we chatted our views regarding Agra and India generally. There was black out for a while, but helped by some candle lights, we managed to finish our dinner before going back to our hotel.

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