Taj Mahal

Entrance: Rs.750, video camera Rs.25

We went to the Taj around 6.30am, and we’re just on time when the ticket counter was just opened. No long queue yet, so after we got the ticket, we entered to this India’s most visited place. Okay, first photo is no surprise, with loads of tourists.


We walked further to take pictures without so many people at the background. Taking self photo is not quite fun, and tripod is not allowed here. Asking people to take your photos would not be a good idea as everyones busy taking their own. Unless you have some money to spend for some local guides who are happy to follow you, take your photo and tell stories about Taj Mahal.


Later we found this spot just after the steps down.. we put the camera on the higher floor in front and take alot photos like this! And no-one at the background, yay!

Photos of Taj Mahal.. self-explanatory.



Another spot we found a perfect place to take our photo, is to put the camera on a bench near the yard!



Walking further to the actual building, you have to take off your shoes and will be given this shoe-wrapper, as for not make the floor dirty. And after this point, we are not allowed to take video shoot. This is a recommended article prior to visiting this site.


Taj Mahal in sunset.. and its reflection in water.


The gates of Taj Mahal, and the lake just behind the Taj Mahal complex.

The close-up! The difference of blue of sky and white of the building is so significant in this photo! It’s huge, although, I had always thought Taj Mahal was bigger than this. It could be a typical pretty building if it’s not because of so much stories being talked and commercialized. Behind the appreciation towards the beauty of Taj Mahal, Az started talking about the not-so-happy stories about the workers who were being used in the constructions. Thousands of them ended their lives because of this memorial building their King wanted to build for his late wife.

Okay, sad stories aside. And here we are with wrapped-shoes smiling ear to ear and we got Taj Mahal behind us! :)) We ended up taking hundreds of pics here. I know we should.

Among those bunch of tourists, we encounter a group of Malaysian tourists, finally! We had a chat with them, and surprisingly, they were also going to Kashmir. The weather was nice enough at this hour (just after sunrise) and I dont really know from which angle they could capture the real sunrise view of Taj Mahal (not sure if it’s doable also as we’re close to this building) but anyway, some of our photos do have those sunrise hues in them :) Do come here as earliest as you can (it’s open 6.30am, but you may arrive 15 minutes earlier to be the first in the queue) as after 3 hours we’re inside here, it was getting hot already and less nice to walk and take photos anymore. Plus, tourists are filling in and you will hardly get a chance to take Taj Mahal photos without people in sight.



Details of the buildings and floor. Inside the mausoleum, you cannot take photos, but anyways, there are nothing inside except the tombs of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan.



Me at the lake side.



After 2 hours wandering around, we sit at the bench to enjoy the sight from afar. And this is our ticket: the most expensive entrance in India!


Walking back.


People visiting Taj Mahal, and locals who are offering to be your tour guide.


Our way back to hotel!

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  1. Hi Lyan.
    What a wonderful travel blog!! I’ve just added to my favs, ’cause i’ll read every single post.
    These Taj Mahal pictures are great!
    Hugs from Portugal.

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