Uneventful train ride back to Delhi

Train Agra to New Delhi
Mahakaushal Exp Train# 12189
Depart AGC 08:23 Agra Cantt
Arrive 11:35 NZM H Nizamuddin
Duration: 3h 12m
Class: AC 3 Tier
Cost: Rs. 706 (2 pax)

This is our last train in India, and apparently the first (and only) train that was NOT on time. It was delayed and arrived around 11am, almost 2 hours than expected. But we were not mad about it as we were mad about missing train because of being cheated by tout!

We stayed at the train patiently while watching people around. This time we were more brave to take photo (but trying not to look obvious) so Az could snap some faces from our zoomed lens. We felt great when we could silently take a closeup photo of some random  people without them realizing, and our super zoom camera is quite helping in this ;) So it was our mode of entertainment while waiting the train… *bored* =.=  We noticed a Caucasian couple waiting train for Delhi as well, and since they’re waiting for long as we do, we guess that they’re the same train as us. Which turns out to be correct.

There was this designated stall selling drinks and snacks at the platform, and when Az wanted to buy a snack, the seller apparently give a price higher than what was printed on the label! Being surprised, Az asked him why but instead of explaining, he took back the snack rudely with a look of “take it or leave it”. What a jerk!


Thankfully we were not that hungry, and it’s still early to have lunch so we decided to forget about food for now and continue our photo-snapping activity :P From man processing ice (right on the floor, I hope it’s not meant for edible!) to another man eating something also on the platform floor.


Different faces of train passengers (or I cannot tell if they’re train passengers although they’re sitting at the platform).


Yay, our train arrived (finally!) and goodbye Agra! And goodbye the jerk snack seller! :P

As our train coming to Agra, we chose the side berth as well to go back to Delhi. Only this time it’s 3AC class, which is cheaper than 2AC we had earlier, but it wont make any difference if you choose side berth! Because only 2 people can occupy the sides (upper and lower) while in the center berths there are 3-tiers berths which are supposed to accommodate 3 people. So being a day train, people sit on the lower berth rather than sleeping. So we had our own space at the side berth. I love Indian trains! ^_^

Although, the journey seems nothing interesting apart from views we have seen on our way to Agra. But since it’s our last train, we tried to have a good last moments we had in an Indian train.

There are regular sellers of snacks and tea/coffee inside the train, we had our milk tea again and it was perfect. Although we were wondering if the tea dispenser he’s carrying was ever washed before making a new tea or not :P But we tried to avoid those negative thoughts and enjoy the tea.

I felt sleepy for some time and climbed up the upper berth to have a nap while Az is sitting in lower birth. But when I woke up and looked down, there was an Indian girl sitting at our berth! I quickly got down and claimed my place, and she moved back to the center berth seats. No wonder.. there are 6 people cramped in the space and it seems too crowded for seating.


We passed by typical views of homeless people living in tents and under bridge like this, in fact all bridges/flyover roads would have some sort of residence or ‘village’ for them. There was also common views of cattle’s dung/poop being nicely shaped and dried under the sun, which we believe they’re used for fuel. In fact, there are LOTS of them!!


BUT the most enjoyable view is yet seeing people pooping at nearby the railway! LOL, I’m not kidding, it’s real common view! We could spot almost 10 times of such sights when people doing their ‘business’ in the bush nearby railway, or even open space like this! And still, they’re doing it as if their asses are meant to show people in trains passing by and say “LOOK here, we’re pooping”! (okay, you can click the pic for larger view ;P)

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