Shopping at Karol Bagh

How to get there: Take Metro to Karol Bagh station. Walk along the road next to the station it will lead you to Karol Bagh shopping area.

Ok, this photo is NOT in Karol Bagh – it’s at the airport. We were running in Karol Bagh we didnt have time for photos! But I put this photo coz Az is wearing a Kurta bought in Karol Bagh, so there’s a connection at least.

When we arrived in Karol Bagh, we immediately asked ourselves, how on earth we didnt know about this place earlier? This is THE right place for shopping if you’re in New Delhi. Not in the Connaught Place – there are only modern, western-label shops there. And not also in South Extension II area – only sarees priced from Rs.4000 and above are sold there. Thanks to Sudhir for telling us about Karol Bagh.

Karol Bagh has everything from the cheapest to expensive range of clothings, for women, men, children. You can say it’s like Jalan Tunku Ab Rahman (TAR) in KL.. it’s ┬álong road with shoplots sitting in both sides, as well as along the small paths in between. Even many sellers do not even own any shop. I got my women kurta sold at the street, the sellers only hang the clothes in bulk and people who pass by can choose and take whichever gets their attention. My kurta are the cheapest I was happy about it :) One kurta for Rs 120 to Rs. 140 only (barely RM10!) and I took 3 of them. I would have bought a dozen if I hadn’t bought that lot already in Kashmir. Now all clothings I purchased in Kashmir seem too expensive compared to here. But I tell myself they are different kinds of design, in Delhi and Kashmir – only to make myself less guilty :P

There were too many options of shops in Karol Bagh we hardly can choose one, so we decided to walk into a men kurta shop to buy one for Az – for he hasn’t shop for anything yet in India, and in Kashmir the men wear western coats and woolen shirts instead of traditional Indian kurta – and would hop into another shop after another and buy one in each, also for our fathers and brother-in-laws. The thing we regret was to enter an expensive kurta shop first and decided to buy a few mid-range kurtas (priced from Rs.800 to Rs. 1400) and although they treated us with nice tea and we walked out and walked a few more metres only to find another kurta shop offering ALOT more variety with very cheap price! At this time we really feel like banging our head into the wall.

The best kurta shop is apparently found after you walk further along the street, it is a small shop but full of shoppers and there are also a good number of shop attendants busy helping the customers. Kurtas here are only from Rs.400, and they’re the original kurtas people would wear everyday. Not luxury kurtas that we found in the expensive shop earlier. We ended up coming to this shop twice on 2 different days. The second time we came in the morning when the shop isn’t yet open (it was around 11am and most other shops are already open!) BUT many people were already queuing in front of the shop!!! Isn’t it something??

You can tell this small shop, although cheap, they treat customers really good. And for every purchase of kurta, regardless its price, you’ll get a free fabric handkerchief ;)

So if you’re looking for authentic Indian kurtas, go to Karol Bagh but do not shop too early. If you have time, keep walking the street and entering some shops, compare price, and once you reach the end and know which shop offer the best price, you can always stop by on the way back to do the purchase.

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