Last day in Delhi

Finally, after 2 weeks being in India, we have to realize that this wonderful journey has come to its end *sad*. Mr Bashir invited us to join him at his house for breakfast, and his resident apartment is located only a few blocks away from the shop office apartment (where we always had breakfast and dinner with the rest of the family, and other guests). And for the first time we personally met Mr Bashir’s wife, she’s a great lady and we both talked about many things, Mr Bashir gladly shared of how they both met (and later Az, delightedly wanted to share our stories as well =,=) and some valuable advice they gave us as newlyweds.

After saying (final) goodbye, we took auto-rickshaw to Metro station, and quickly went to Karol Bagh again to do a few last shopping! :P (Metro AIIMS change at Rajiv Chowk, then to Karol Bagh). On way back, we directly took auto-rickshaw for New Delhi Metro and from there you can get  Metro directly to the airport.

Here we are, fully dressed in Indian Kurta (bought at Karol Bagh!) and in fact, they were much cheaper than what I shopped earlier in Kashmir.


While waiting for our flight, we had to finish all rupees left by ordering this Domino’s Vegetarian pizza (tasteless in my opinion) .


Arrived in KL around 6am local time.

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