2011 Revisited: New smart phone

Before 2012 ends, let me at least flash back to 2011 and bring back some stuff I was meaning to update about.

And first, let me proudly announce that I was the last person on planet to own an Android phone (or whatever smart phones nowadays), it was in August if I can remember, just after I switched job. It had been many months since my Nokia 6120 dead (only camera can still work) and I’ve got Lumix TZ7 some time during USM time 2 years ago and the need of camera phone has been somehow reduced. But having to use my old Nokia 1600 was saddening after months.. and it was then when I was contemplating to buy a neat smart phone. However, I ended up with the cheapest, oldest, most obsolete HTC Wildfire =,= Az said I had to start with the most basic first and see if it suits me before I can upgrade to more expensive or newer type (good excuse for not letting me spend over RM1k for a new phone). And that time I saw Miriam also bought the same type (apparently I happen to be inspired by her in buying stuff, a Brother’s sewing machine included, which I’ll talk about in next post), so I thought, who cares if it’s the cheapest and least functioning Android, not that I was going to spend my entire time with it.

I was disappointed at first after seeing how poor is the function and I realized that I am not the type of those modern people who would react fast with a touch screen T_T When I started to curse myself for following the trend and had to buy a new phone that I wasnt really interested and capable to use, I got to find some nice Photo editor apps that give you Retro look which is so in lately, which means I can save time from doing Photoshop already. Az was right then, should I have bought a more expensive phone, I would even curse myself even more every time I find it hard to write SMS properly =,=

From FXCamera:

Pics above taken in Az’s (another) home town in Kedah.

in my hometown KB.

2 thoughts on “2011 Revisited: New smart phone

  1. You’re welcome ;)!

    I like my phone and don’t care if it is the newest. At least I can call people with it :). You’re right, there are really nice apps out there, so I can play with it or use it for my sports program. I needed an intervall timer and there are apps out there, no wonder.

    I really like the forth picture, looks like it’s about to get stormy. There is always this special atmosphere then. Am I right or is it due to the retro look?

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