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  1. Hola, Tengo pensado comprarme la Nexus 7, pero antes desearía saber si es compatible de forma nativa con dispositivos mp3s y camaras digitales (Ej: Nikon).Mi intención es usar la tablet como un intermediario entre la camara digital y la nube, es decir, tomar una fotografía, conectar la misma al puerto usb y subirla a Picasa. ¿Sera posible?Desde ya me pareció de gran utilidad la información dentro del blog.Saludos!

  2. I guess what Apple is trying to do is reach for that sector that iPad is not getting, the ones that are still sticking to the netbooks, the ones that still dont want a tablet to rule their “computing stuff”, i have to say they are still quite a lot of people, apple is always pushing technology i dont doubt that we will see a mac book air pro or something like that, not yet, i dont see this as an mac book air upgrade but as a deadly shoot to netbooks share.

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