The Chronicles of: Pregnant-Or-Not?

So I am.

Pregnant of 6 weeks. Or so the doc said. Alhamdulillah.

This is still surreal and weird to me. I am adjusting.

Thankfully I can eat as usual. No such thing as nausea and vomitting yet, but you’ll never know.

The parents are in pure joy right now – the baby is going to be the first grandchild to both families. I am happy that he/she will be that special and much-awaited. Although, having no cousin will make him/her a little friendless. Perhaps just like his/her mummy. (wow, refering self as mummy is even weirder. Bear with me).

Not announcing to public yet, as according to some website, it’s safe to wait until *I forgot when* you can annouce the pregnancy. Before that, I probably have to change my attitude a little towards babies, and towards people who post baby pictures on Facebook. Hm, probably posting baby pictures are still fine than baby picture as profile pic. Let’s see if I end up doing that also.. :-P

4 thoughts on “The Chronicles of: Pregnant-Or-Not?

  1. Congrats. Hehe.. and yeah I pon dulu have to change my people who post baby pics. Tho I confined it to like twice a week.

    But I draw the line at putting my son pic as profile pic. Him and me yes, but not just him. Also my pet peeves is people putting their child pic and their name changed to ‘mummy son/daughter’. annoying kut figuring out who these people are. Im bad enough with regular friends name, I dont need to memorize your children name jugak.

    Wahhh negatifnye comment ni. Sorry. CongratS agains tho, it is another phase in life i guess :)

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