That little creature sleeping in my belly somewhere..

I gasped when I saw a sight of this Ultrasound screen this morning. It’s been registered in my mind that I’ve been pregnant, and my belly has been showing a bump, although most of time I was more convinced that it’s mostly filled with either gas or fats rather than a growing creature – complete with head and feet and hands. I mean, it was still a surprise! Dont you think? I thought it’s still a shapeless, round tiny thing but oh my, before our eyes was something who could even wave its hands up and down!

I’ve been having a serious gas problem in my tummy, it’s just hard to get the air out normally and I constantly feel too full as if my belly is filled with high pressured air. God knows how sad it is for having to struggle to fart and burp (and I cant believe I’m writing this here..). My system is getting so weird and I would cry. Thankfully Az is the most understanding husband which I now, comfortably, dont have to feel ugly in front of him when I just have to let it out at once when I could.

Oh by the way, it’s been 12 weeks and 4 days now, or so the Ultrasound result says. It was still too small to tell the gender, but anyways the first scan is mainly to know if the baby is growing okay with right size and shape, and thankfully, it is. I need to get some maternity stuff soon as I could hardly button up most of my pants now.

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