First post by Daie Sulaiman

Hello World!

How do i start, mom has been refusing to blog since March, but dont blame her, it would have been hard for anyone also. It’s a long story and i’ll spare it for next update. Now I’d just pop up to say hi. Name is Daie Sulaiman, after both of mommy’s & daddy’s grandpas (that makes them my great grandfathers). I came to the world 2 months earlier than i am supposed to (way advanced aint i?) and spent 27 days in hospital (mom was there all time to feed me) and in fact i just came home 2 days ago, healthy and kicking. Though i havent seen daddy since home, he’s away to Japan and got to get me some One Piece stuff. He’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime I’ve been behaving well and sleeping alot, mom is very happy.



3 thoughts on “First post by Daie Sulaiman

  1. Assalamualaikum and Hi Daie.

    What a nice name you got there! Hugs and kisses for you as well.

    Send my warmest regards to you beloved mum, will you? Ask her out whether she still remember me or not? Aunt selalu browse through her travelogue, but no update. Suddenly, you post an entry. :D How on earth you came out earlier by 2 months? Tell be more please! Tak sabar nak jumpa both of your mum and dad huh?

    Oh ya, please be good ya Daie. So that, both of mum and dad will blog more on their travelogue. And travel more with you. Aunt ni a lil bit obsessed dengan route yg both of them selalu buat. Impressive!

    * Did i tell you, you’re such an adorable baby! Geram aunt tgk.

    Aunt Zara AB (oh gosh! i sounds old!)
    The Province of Chroma

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