Our CS host is a TV star! And goodbye Xinjiang!

We woke up to our last day in Xinjiang, having Mischa cooked manta for us for breakfast. Had to pack thoroughly because we’re heading to a place 3 hours away by flight and apparently all instant noodles we had bought earlier from campus shop didnt have any space in our luggage no matter how much we wanted to keep them (they’re SUPER TASTY! And more importantly, Halal) and we decided to leave them for Mischa. That also includes our instant Tesco chicken curry (in picture) we brought all the way from home. The label “Kari Ayam Dengan Ubi Kentang” could have been the first Malay phrase ever attempted by Mischa, and it was not bad! (we were already impressed by his excellent English, and learning that he could read something in another foreign language perfectly didnt really surprise us). Anyhow.

And we had to tidy up the room! Thanks Mischa for the cozy beds! When all was ready and we had some more time to spend, it’s time to *force* Mischa to really show us the TV program (he had talked about earlier during dinner with Hasnat, I guess I didnt quite mention in previous post but nevermind) which he was in! And it was a MATCH-MAKING show, for goodness’ sake!! :D  Soooooo.. this video is rather long but I promise it’s the most thrilling 7 minutes we found out about Mischa! If you have time please watch this so that you know that we have stayed at a house belongs to a TV star! :P WATCH THIS!


Cool, huh? And yes, that very program had been aired in Malaysia as well, although I couldnt remember what it’s called. Despite Mischa not making it until end of stage where he could have dated one of these girls, we gasped in surprise that this man was doing this show! And I bet it’s the girls’ loss for voting him out! No wonder he said he’s been receiving thousands of emails since then!


Then.. time for a proper farewell! Mischa played Kazakh ukulele-like instrument called DOMBRA. And after writing some postcards to mail, we carried our huge luggage walking down to catch taxi.

I had earlier contacted with a CSer from Singapore, namely Luna, who’s supposed to arrive in Urumqi today from Singapore, and we’re planning to have lunch with her before we depart for Xian. Although at this point of time we still havent heard anything or sms from her, and even Mischa made a call to a hostel where she could probably stay, just to know she has arrived and let her know our plan for having lunch at Kazakh restaurant by Mischa’s recommendation.

Staying a few days inside the campus brought me back to the university days I had, campus area is always a peaceful place to actually live in, no traffics, quiet, and most of time having groceries (and kebab stalls!) within walking distance. I’m gonna miss this place!

We went to post office by the street to mail my postcards!! I think I have spent almost 100 yuan on stamps! China stamps are expensive! (or, we’re used to cheap postage of Malaysia)

Since this is actually the only time we get to have a walk with Mischa, we were pretty much talking about everything we come across the streets. We were so lucky to stay with Mischa as he’s a truly Xinjiang man who’s so passionate to share every single thing about his homeland of culture mixpot.

After a while we realized we have walked quite far and Mischa offered to carry BOTH of our luggage. He’s a big man! We entered the Uyghur alley where we had been with Nazar before searching for shoes. And from afar there’s also Hui Mosque.

Again, passing by the cinema, with Titanic 3D poster showing, why not posing for a shot too? The Uyghur way perhaps? :)

Finally, we arrived at the Kazakh restaurant, located in a building actually. Mischa made an order for us as we had no idea what to expect. This is horse meat in slice. The restaurant, according to Mischa, is the place where Kazakh people come to meet friends and enjoy their ethnic food. And we noticed that some female folk in another table were looking at us, or precisely, at Mischa, coz he was a newly-talked TV star, remember?? :D I love that soup with noodle! And Az joined Mischa to try this camel’s milk. But I did not. And we are still waiting for a call from Luna, although by this time it seems hopeless to have her join our lunch here.

After lunch we took taxi heading to airport, and only when we were in taxi, we received sms from Luna! =,= it turned out because of difference network and roaming the sms was delivered hours late, and to our disappointment, had to forget the idea of meeting with her and wish her the best in exlporing Xinjiang!

It was when we were waiting to board, Az started feeling dizzy, and quickly gained to fever, and the 3 hours flight seemed like hell to him. We suspect it’s because of camel’s milk he drank earlier (which the only thing I did not try, thankfully!). Rest assured, arriving Xian by night didnt help much with his condition that we could not go around searching for cheap hostel, rather followed one of the hotel staff (that waited at the bus stop in center of Xian) to a hotel in back street (after I told her our budget), and brought us to this Super 8 hotel, with a room at 260 yuan per night. It was the most expensive room we had throughout our China journey, but I simply didnt have time to search for another when Az was having a high fever! Now I started worrying our stay in Xian would not be as smooth as we had planned…

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