5 months, and intro to solids

Daie turned 5 months last week, and I decided to start him solid because:

1) He seems WAY hungry lately, once I return home from work and he would breastfeed non stop until midnight (only 30min-1 hour gaps but to me it’s like non stop! T_T)

2) He started licking (gobbling?) his own hands (okay, that does LOOKS hungry).

3) He started to refuse bottle feeding at babysitter’s lately, we had to supply both EBM and formula (we have Similac Advance) and he would choose any and that entirely depends on his mood. Sometimes he refuses EBM, sometimes the formula, and sometimes, both! >.< Either way, I still keep on pumping EBM although lately I reduce from 3 times to twice daily. So it’s probably because he drinks less at babysitter’s then he’s breastfeeding like mad at night.

I know, he’s looking forward to trying something new.

Mama said she fed me as early as 4 months when I was baby – and that was air nasi – the thick liquid comes from cooked rice before it dries up, and gradually to blended rice added with ground anchovies, the reason I had enough calcium in my childhood that I never had those typical rotten-teeth all kids my age had – yikes (well, Az included, HAHAHA!).

But considering I am lazy currently to do all the cookings,  I thought of trying something instant first. Plus I hadn’t got a proper baby blender yet. So I got him Nestle Cerelac cereal (with vegetables). And he likes it!! :D Of course I made it very thin, added with EBM, but the other time he likes one added with warm water much better (maybe coz in the cereal itself already has milk).

Babysitter also fed him once, so it was 2 days we gave him Cerelac, until I realized he has stopped pooping! Constipation alert!!! >,<

He didn’t poop the entire weekend (the last one was wakeup time on Saturday) and I rushed to internet and find out rice cereal is among the food that causes constipation (!!). Also the banana (which I was thinking of giving him as first food too!). I felt so sorry to him when he looked uneasy as if wanted to poop but it just didnt happen :( Poor baby!

So I decided to skip Cerelac and be less lazy and start making own baby food. I was hoping to get this Philips Avent 2-in-1 steamer + blender but it’s rather expensive (rm350) and seeing that I already had steamer, I bought this cheap Baby Bullet food maker, RM110. All the items are cute! :D The first puree I made out of it was avocado. I myself never eat avocado (!) but the texture seems soft like mango but creamy and I read it has so many nutrients in it.

Okay, what happens to Daie’s pooping? I gave him Heinz prune juice (that I read can help constipation). Although, it comes in 1 liter bottle (and the label says to finish within a week – as it does not contain preservative) . Well, I had many EBM storage bags left that I hardly use so I divided the juice into small amounts in many bags to freeze them, so yay, they can stay longer and I can use whenever Daie gets constipated again. And Daie finally pooped after 3 days *relief*

I’m thinking to stick to fruits for now, I have in the queue to try is sweet potato, pear, oatmeal, carrot.

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