The theme that is!

Somehow I landed to¬†, a website that offers easy download of’s collection of themes to be used for self-hosted WP easily without having to access the SVN. And I found again this old Thirteen theme that definitely recalls to the years I was blogging in, those adolescence time I would say. Haha. The time most of the posts were whining about either men or failing relationship or crushes or heartbroken or boring life. Which I dont want to go humiliate myself and read again those crappy pieces I even opened for public read (oh so awkward). But I believe I have deleted most of the stupidest ones during last cleanup. How time flies and look at here now, I’ve got a baby and even posted baby pics in blog! :)) Well WordPress, you really document my ups and downs very well these years!

But for the sake of memoria, let me use the theme once again.

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