The beginning of many things

First off. I have drastically deleted the Travelogue. And Postcrossing blog. Entirely. I’ve been working on our Daiesu project website and only realized lately the hosting virtual memory is hitting the limit constantly, and I wonder if this so-called unlimited package we’re subscribing is still not capable of keeping 6 websites/blogs that aren’t really getting too many visitors that I should worry on memory consumption. But then again, that’s taken care by bandwidth, no? I am an ignorant geek, but it turned out that so many (travel) blogs I have had mutual links before ridiculously eating my virtual memory usage. Not that I am still active updating there anymore (what, last update was perhaps more than a year ago lol). I am so tired to know what and why, but I have imported all the Travelogue posts to here. Thanks so WordPress import tool again. Easy, one place for all. Will work later on re-categorizing and housekeeping. Not caring much about visitors anymore. All I want is my stuff is here I can probably read again when I’m retired and old :p And Daie can read too on how quirky his mommy has been, and he will be asking us to bring him to those strange places we had been before him. Yeah.

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