“Because I never want the pictures, stories and memories we have together to disappear”.

Hence this travelogue – a means of tracing the path I took with Az, and keep them alive. We are not frequent travelers neither have we been to many places. Yet once we go and hit the road, it would result to countless memorable things too impossible not to be remembered and talked to each other every single day.

Quick intro: Az and I got married in February 2011, and our first trip together was also our honeymoon, or you can say, backpacking-style honeymoon ^_^ Kashmir was ultimately the perfect choice for us, its hidden beauty to appreciate silently with your loved one. Precisely, in a shikara boat wandering around the majestic Dal Lake, facing the Himalayan mountains.

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  1. Dear, mau tanya.. beli domain “travelogue.ilyani.net” kat mana ek?? trying to buy a domain for my blogspot tapi tak jumpa yg boleh bg extension macam kamu punya. huhu

  2. Dear Ms Ilyani,

    I really hope you’ll be reading this. I’m Farah, and I’ve came across your blog, since your blog is the only blog that talks about hostels in USM, and I’m trying to get into one. Thank you so much for the info.

    You never know what you can contribute, just by being yourself isn’t it?

    Thank you.

    Love, Liyana

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