Meet our new travel partner!


Yeay. Meet Daie Sulaiman – our bundle of joy who came to the world over a month ago!

Which explains a lot the lack of blog update since end of last year :-) I have been terribly occupied with pregnancy!

But will resume updates soon – funny that I haven’t completed the China chapter after more than 1 year :p

First post by Daie Sulaiman

Hello World!

How do i start, mom has been refusing to blog since March, but dont blame her, it would have been hard for anyone also. It’s a long story and i’ll spare it for next update. Now I’d just pop up to say hi. Name is Daie Sulaiman, after both of mommy’s & daddy’s grandpas (that makes them my great grandfathers). I came to the world 2 months earlier than i am supposed to (way advanced aint i?) and spent 27 days in hospital (mom was there all time to feed me) and in fact i just came home 2 days ago, healthy and kicking. Though i havent seen daddy since home, he’s away to Japan and got to get me some One Piece stuff. He’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime I’ve been behaving well and sleeping alot, mom is very happy.



Just an update since last update

Move house

Although by end of last year we had not really planned to move in to The House this soon, God knows how pregnancy can change alot of decisions suddenly. While we were too in love with our small rented studio somewhere in the foresty Sg Penchala where rhe sound of small waterfall and streams and jungle creatures is your daily background music, we have come to realization that we need a bigger space for the baby’s arrival. We moved into The House just 2 weeks ago after Az’s tenant moved out. Well, The House is the apartment unit in Bandar Tasik Selatan – if anyone recall from my oldies story – which happened to be the epic keyword Az used to Google a couple of years back when he ended up finding my blog. I can feel the sensual feeling when entering The House – if it’s not because Az bought this house (and for some reason had to Google it to find sensible rental), we wouldn’t have met each other in the first place. And now we officially live here.

Housekeeping and stuffing

Added furniture and adding more slowly whenever necessary. No internet yet. Guest room is ready so we’re opening it for CouchSurfing now, yeay.


Ironically Az had to do the moving alone (sorry!) thanks to last minute change of moving date overlapped with our planned trip with my family to Brunei. My parents and sisters were too hopeless to visit somwhere without a tour package and I had to go along with them while Az cancelled his. Nothing much to say about Brunei when main agenda was actually my mum reuniting with her schoolmates and last minute getaway to Miri and Labuan also.


It was during the long weekend of CNY when I started – literally – feeling the butterfly in my belly. Now I’m having a moving creature inside! It’s spooky and funny at the same time. Gender is unknown still.

Move job

Yet another sudden change. I was planning to switch job sometime middle of this year but turned out had to do it real sooner, suddenly must go to interview and had to get a new job whatever it takes ASAP before my belly is showing! LOL if you know what I mean. Otherwise I’ll have to get stuck to this getting-sappier workplace until after delivery. So new place will start in March! Oh yeah, and Az has also got a new job apparently near to the house, perfect.

Cambodia-Thailand-Laos trip

Which has now been cut short to weekend getaway to Phnom Penh only. I’m rather sad about it as I dont know what to see in only Phnom Penh. All the travel itinerary of taking bus to Siem Reap and crossing border all the way to Bangkok, stopping by to see Ayutthaya and stretching the journey by long train to Vientiane, has officially gone into trash. Anyway, seeing it at a bright side, the trip plan was too crammed anyway to enjoy each and every place, and we wouldnt have time to see Luang Prabang. As people in LP forum answered to my post, the Angkor has existed for thousands years already, it’ll still be there in a couple more years, when the baby is out and big enough to enjoy the elephants. All I need is a little patience in this period of time.