Insert any title (part 3)

Disclaimer: This post contains unextreme cheesy statements of an excited girl who’s been crazily in love lately. Please bear with her.

As much as I see myself a boring girl living a boring life, sometimes I do realize that at some points of this so-called life of mine, things do get really extraordinary. And I mean extraordinary. And I do realize, that it does not happen to average normal people everyday, like when one day I was down with tears, and the next day I suddenly found my savior whom I’d call love, right from my blog. My blog. This blog. Who would have thought, this dull blog with all the craps I have to whine about every day, would unexpectedly trap an amazing guy doing a Google search somewhere, in such a funny way now all the coincidence turned out to look like as if they’re meant to be destiny. What could make a blogger prouder than to find her love right from her very own webspace? :) I tell you, it’s extraordinary. Az has changed my life ever since. Despite we haven’t met in real life, the feelings have been the most real and certain I have ever had inside me. It’s perfect. Blessful. Motivating. Moving. And I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to lose him. Rest assured.

To my dear readers, friends or silent followers, or you’re just passing by here just like most people are,

I have to announce here proudly.

That my heart is officially taken :)

Please pray for us.

Insert any title (part 2)

– Analog exam… *sob* :(( I dont know if I should be happy now that it’s gone.. but it still keeps haunting me, the fact that I – despite having studied the hardest in this century – couldn’t actually do the exam very well. WHYYYYY? Maybe Electronics isn’t my talent afterall…

– Have to study DIP & DSP both for next paper @_@

– OK at least I have something to be happy about lately.. or, should I say, someone? *wink wink* Uhm, I dont know if it’s too early to write this here, or rather, if I ever need to write this at all in this blog at this time, but really, I have found a new friend, in a magical way, and I could say he’s very special, decent and respectable, and really, I said magical coz it sure IS. You won’t believe it. I am very thankful to God for having brought him to me at the moment I needed someone the most, at least to knock some sense on me that this life is too short to be sad about. So yeah, I am 360 degree happy. Now. And I wish I will always be happy like this. And to that person (you know who you are), if you ever read this, all I want to say is,

thank you.

For being part of this miracle.

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