1 year


He turned 1 on 27 April (they gave the wrong candle for cake though =.=). So much for time running fast. I have heard about this, and now I feel it. Bittersweet of seeing a growing child. Baby is turning into toddler. I can’t help but amazed with the toddler, but I know I’ll miss the baby.

EBM stories

By the time I am typing this post, my refrigerator’s freezer section is still full of bottles of EBM. I said I’ve cut down pumping times from 3 times to twice at work, but still, babysitter seems to give Daie only formula these days :( She keeps saying Daie refuses EBM and prefers formula more, and everytime I unpack Daie’s milk’s bag there’ll be always unused EBM go wasted. I am really sad about this thinking how much effort I have taken to get every single bottle (drop, even!) of EBM but they finally get dumped into sink every night.

I kind of think that it’s the babysitter who prefers to prepare formula. Although I feel bad of being suspicious, but I can’t help it. Because last time I left Daie with MIL at Melaka for a day supplying only EBM (already intended not providing formula even as backup) and Daie still drank it! I know last time I used to want him drink the formula as well for the sake for not wasting it (because already bought in KB when I was still on leave – it was a long story behind but nevermind. And it’s expensive!) but now when it have come to substitute my precious EBM rather than only backing it up, I feel rather sad and annoyed.

Now I feel like stopping pumping altogether, but fear that milk will dry up sooner than later and I will soon not be able to direct breastfeed him.

Today I intentionally stopped supplying formula, although a bit worried if Daie will go starving because of it. But anyways.

Food (and poop) update


Okay, gross title, but nevermind, it’s important to me! (somehow I gained so much interest on Daie’s poop lately, and cant help but excited if he releases all out of him! :p) it stinks now, and am a little upset that it means he’s no longer a small baby. He poops around 1-2 times a day compared to more than 5 earlier before solids.

I’m back to give him Cerelac rice cereal (one with veggies) as his digestion seems to gradually get used to it, and the fact that he likes the taste a lot! I gave him pear and avocado as well, I think I want to give 2 serving cereal and 1 blended fruit a day, apart from breastfeeding.

5 months, and intro to solids

Daie turned 5 months last week, and I decided to start him solid because:

1) He seems WAY hungry lately, once I return home from work and he would breastfeed non stop until midnight (only 30min-1 hour gaps but to me it’s like non stop! T_T)

2) He started licking (gobbling?) his own hands (okay, that does LOOKS hungry).

3) He started to refuse bottle feeding at babysitter’s lately, we had to supply both EBM and formula (we have Similac Advance) and he would choose any and that entirely depends on his mood. Sometimes he refuses EBM, sometimes the formula, and sometimes, both! >.< Either way, I still keep on pumping EBM although lately I reduce from 3 times to twice daily. So it’s probably because he drinks less at babysitter’s then he’s breastfeeding like mad at night.

I know, he’s looking forward to trying something new.

Mama said she fed me as early as 4 months when I was baby – and that was air nasi – the thick liquid comes from cooked rice before it dries up, and gradually to blended rice added with ground anchovies, the reason I had enough calcium in my childhood that I never had those typical rotten-teeth all kids my age had – yikes (well, Az included, HAHAHA!).

But considering I am lazy currently to do all the cookings,  I thought of trying something instant first. Plus I hadn’t got a proper baby blender yet. So I got him Nestle Cerelac cereal (with vegetables). And he likes it!! :D Of course I made it very thin, added with EBM, but the other time he likes one added with warm water much better (maybe coz in the cereal itself already has milk).

Babysitter also fed him once, so it was 2 days we gave him Cerelac, until I realized he has stopped pooping! Constipation alert!!! >,<

He didn’t poop the entire weekend (the last one was wakeup time on Saturday) and I rushed to internet and find out rice cereal is among the food that causes constipation (!!). Also the banana (which I was thinking of giving him as first food too!). I felt so sorry to him when he looked uneasy as if wanted to poop but it just didnt happen :( Poor baby!

So I decided to skip Cerelac and be less lazy and start making own baby food. I was hoping to get this Philips Avent 2-in-1 steamer + blender but it’s rather expensive (rm350) and seeing that I already had steamer, I bought this cheap Baby Bullet food maker, RM110. All the items are cute! :D The first puree I made out of it was avocado. I myself never eat avocado (!) but the texture seems soft like mango but creamy and I read it has so many nutrients in it.

Okay, what happens to Daie’s pooping? I gave him Heinz prune juice (that I read can help constipation). Although, it comes in 1 liter bottle (and the label says to finish within a week – as it does not contain preservative) . Well, I had many EBM storage bags left that I hardly use so I divided the juice into small amounts in many bags to freeze them, so yay, they can stay longer and I can use whenever Daie gets constipated again. And Daie finally pooped after 3 days *relief*

I’m thinking to stick to fruits for now, I have in the queue to try is sweet potato, pear, oatmeal, carrot.

photo (1)

Now a proper post-baby WordPress post

As much as I want to document the very first few days of Daie in this space, I just can’t seem to find a right time for it. Mommy is overly occupied, no doubt about it. I’m adjusting. And it’s been more than 4 months since our bundle of joy came to the world! How you missed alot of things, my dear WordPress!

Let’s go into summarized points to save time.

1) The birth

I was having so much in mind to document that the plot almost sounds like a drama. Well. I was diagnosed with placenta previa at week 25, warded since then until one surprising weekend comes that I suddenly had to go an emergency ceaseran at week 30.  I wanted to write this in detail like other first time moms would, like a real time reporting or something, but the longer I wait the less it seems to be relevant anymore. Daie was born at 30 w 2 d and weighed only 1.655 kg. I was barely conscious right after the ceaserian at 2am (in which, they put me into full sleep). So I saw him only later in the afternoon in NICU (although, Az had taken his photo for me to see before I gained the energy back to raise and be wheelchaired to NICU). He then spent his first 27 days in NICU (include almost 2 weeks in incubator) and that’s how I first created mom-baby relationship with this little guy. For first few days we could only touch him from outside the incubator, and only after a week I dared doing “Kangaroo Care” with him a.k.a. first baby hug by mommy!

2) Breastfeeding

Instead of baby coming right to my breast for feeding, they rushed him into incubator first for ventilator aid. During the first day Daie was supplied by medicines and formula as I couldnt produce milk as yet (another drama). Since the birth (and everything, actually) came so unprepared, I could only ask Az to ask my SIL to find me a breast pump WHEN I WAS IN LABOR ROOM! =.= They got me a Medela Swing (as a gift, thanks!) but hardly worked at first (actually, it was me). Only after day 2 with the help of doctor and nurses in NICU, they managed to get the milk (colostrum) out of me, and after some traditional massage by a staff in hospital, I started producing as normal as what a lactating mother should be. Although, as prem baby, Daie started drinking using tube, so I stayed in mom’s room in NICU days and nights just to pump and supply milk.

3) Weight gain

Right after birth, Daie’s weight dropped a little before gaining again (that’s normal) and every single day it was probably the most important thing to check his daily gain (and I would totally cry if he lost weight or gained only a little in a day, blaming self for not producing healthy milk with nutrient etc etc), and it was only after 2 weeks that he reached 1.8 kg and was moved from incubator to regular cot, and only then I could try to breastfeed him, literally.

4) Breastfeeding (physically)

Because the ability of suckling only started after 34 weeks or so (in uterus), so prem babies who are born earlier are still not equipped with this as yet, Daie included (hence the tube feeding). After he was moved into a cot at 2nd week, then only I could start training him to suckle, and it was not easy! I was hoping he could be discharged earlier by the time he gained 1.8kg, but until he is able to suckle, we still had to stay in the NICU. I know I was a bit impatient and Daie didn’t cooperate at first (although, of course, he could be thinking “why bother suckle? I think they feed me using tube everyday and I’d automatically feel full”~)  and only after a few days all my sweet tries worked! I know, it’s a bit weird that I can finally breastfeed him directly. And it’s actually even weirder that it only happened 20+ days after giving birth. Anyways, I have my own version of this experience which isn’t bad either ;)

5) Babysitter

After discharge, I had to get extra leave (1 month) from office due to taking care small baby, and only after Daie is 3 months I had to leave him to babysitter so I can go to work. So far so good, only nowadays when he thinks he’s grown and able to think smartly, he gradually refuses bottle feeding unlike he was small (and naive, I guess, coz he seemed okay with everything given to him back then).

6) Development

One of interesting facts about prem babies is that they don’t cry in the early days, so we thought we were blessed with a very behaving baby! ^_^ The happy quiet days however lasted until the day he was actually supposed to be born (EDD) which in Daie’s case, around 2 months after the birth, then quickly he transformed into a loud, demanding monster!! =.= Currently at 4 months 4th week, Daie is growing healthy (5+ kg at last checkup few weeks ago). He has been responsive since 4 moths I guess, and loves to giggle when people talk to him :) He has yet to roll his body (which I read baby his age should already start around this time) but on the other hand his chubby legs seem so strong that he loves to stand up on his feet with support! He loves to mumble as if want to talk already (so we have to layan him talking) and he hates lying down when he was not asleep (unless he’s in a very happy mood, but usually it doesnt last long, he would still ask for a lift or stand-up).


Daie – in a happy mood before-he-realizes-mommy-uses-toys-to-divert-his-attention-seeking

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