DiGi Campus: from 24 hours to 100 minutes? :(

No no no no. This is not a commercial post! I know I have been posting alot of Nuffnang and Project Alpha stuff lately it almost seems my blog has turned into an advert blog =_= But not this one, though yes, I’m gonna talk about DiGi, but no, it’s nothing to do with DiGi adverts from Nuffnang and I’m not getting earning from this post :P

I’m just gonna talk about DiGi Campus plan that I only bought a couple of weeks back. Alright, I was among the last people in Malaysia to discover this prepaid plan while it had actually been around since June last year. Agh. I mean, I was missing 8 months of free calls after daily RM2 usage!!! :(


But calling to DiGi number only lah. Still it’s too good to be true, right? I only got my DiGi Campus totally unplanned, when I was accompanying my roommate to replace her phone battery in one telecom shop and remembering that initially Az wanted to get me a DiGi number extended from his postpaid DiGi account hoping that might do a bit saving when he calls me for hours, but nevermind that, coz now I found even more savvier DiGi package for students. Just like Hotlink Youth Pack and Celcom U-pax, but I was aware that those applicable for youths only, and from what I heard they define youth as students aged 25 and below.

I am over 25 so what??????????? =_= Can you expect a postgraduate student who had working experience to be below 25 still?? Yet I am *still* a full time student and I own USM student card, mind you, wanna check? Telling you, many my classmates are even in their 30’s and they ARE students! Agh nevermind, that’s the reason why I never gave a darn about those student packages before – whatever telco they’re from, however cheap they have to offer. Those are not for old people like me :( I’m old, old old old. *sob*

So I asked the girl at the DiGi counter just for curiosity without a slight hope, I am an old student btw, is it possible?

And she said, why not, now everything can lah, as long as you have a student card.

And I was like jumping, Oh yeah??? O_O So wow, I’m getting one lah! RM10 only, and with full RM10 credit some more!

Then lalalallala.. I now can happily call Az for hours without having him to pay his high bills no more because of me, and I feel glad about it :)) DiGi really saves us!!! Thank you thank you! I mean, I only spend RM2 to talk for 2 to 4 hours each day, isn’t that cool? I could make calls for 24 hours but oi, he has alot other work to do lah not only talking to me on the phone 24/7.. =_= A few hours is already enough and I really do think DiGi Campus plan is the cheapest plan I ever use!

But only a few days ago I went to DiGi Campus Facebook page and discovered that the RM2 for unlimited calls heaven is going to end this 1 April, and the free calls are to be reduced to 100 minutes only after daily RM2 usage.

100 minutes means less than 2 hours. Aiyo. Why so drastic one? :(

It’s now officially stated in DiGi website: read here.

I am not even yet done being overwhelmed with the unlimited free calls, and after 1 April it will be reduced to 1.67 hours only. Meaning, following calls afterwards will be charged 15sen/min as usual again.

Not funny :(

Kelisa having a shower

The other week I went to Parit Buntar to give a bath to Kelisa, there was this car wash who calls itself “Automatic Car Wash”… I was curious since it looked different than other regular conservative car wash which have several Bangladeshi workers washing cars manually… and it kind of reminded me that my dad used to have us in such automatic car wash when I was younger, though I couldnt remember where and when, or perhaps maybe it’s entirely just a deja-vu, but still, this time I was intended to give it a try since it looks quick and cheap: RM4 only! Cheaper than I used to pay in the car wash next to USM for RM8.

Automatic Car Wash. Once you go in, you’ll be heading this section where they first rinse the car. Manually, yes.

“Beware of car in front of you. Please wait”.

Now my turn..


And moving a bit further, suddenly I have a feeling a magical genie has just shifted away my car to Finland in a second! I am in snowfall!

Look! It’s snooooooowing!!! :D

No, it’s not snowing =_= Rather, they splashed bunch of creamy soap, car shampoo – whatever you call it – to entire body of Kelisa. Not that it’s strange, but it’s the first time since… since the deja-vu maybe, I was inside the car when the car was being washed. But funnily, by this stage, I don’t find anything done automatically as it claims to be ;D It’s still the same as other manual car wash where they spray the shampoo to the car using a long pipe, exactly the same.. only the difference is I was inside the car (and dreaming as if I were in snow).

Snow gone :(

Oh.. nevermind.. and then I was told to move further, but without pressing brake or gas. Scary thing is, Kelisa starts moving by itself O_O  And…

Ohmigosh! I’m heading to those furry monsters! They will eat me and Kelisa!! >.<

And I still can’t press brake, I feel so scared at this moment if I will be totally crashed and crumpled when going through those huge brushes. *Praying hard*

Whoops! Where did the monsters go?? They didnt eat me!

Instead, those scary huge brushes are doing their job nicely – brushing off every angle of Kelisa to wash away all the dirts! *Taking a deep breath* And we’re poured by alot of water!

Are we done yet?

Afterward, I was told to press gas and move forward. Oh, so just now was the automatic part of this car wash :) As soon as I go out from the huge furry brushes, things are manual again LOL. They come to dry Kelisa with wiper and towel. Heh.

Okay, we’re done! Oh BTW see that red Moomins scarf I hang at the reflect mirror? :) I got it from dea Arja-Liisa all the way from Finland <3

Hmm and guess what I realized? The huge scary monster brushes did broke my car’s aerial T_T Good thing that one of the men there managed to fix it for me..

BTW RM4 for exterior washing only lah :P For vacuum inside you have to pay again separately. Duh..

ilyani.net is online!

OMG OMG OMG! Everything happened in just one night!

1 March, 5pm – I was wandering in a couple of web hosting sites comparing their packages.

1 March, 10pm – I bought Xtudent Hosting Plan from Exabytes.com.my XD with a domain ilyani.net!

2 March, 1am – I installed WordPress on my hosted server! Moved ALL posts from ilyani.wordpress.com fast!

2 March, 2am – I messed up everything =_= and got internal server error (duh!) Had to email the customer service people urgently!

2 March, 3am – Got a quick reply from Exabytes (thanks goodness), they made some tweaks and I could install WordPress fresh again. Moved WP.com posts again.

2 March, 3.30am – Okay, but now my index page didn’t show up my WordPress page, how come? Again need to consult CS.

2 March, 5am – Exabytes fixed it and ilyani.net is onlineeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYY!! XD XD XD

I am nuts.

And for the following 3 days I have been seeing myself stuck on the computer doing the design for the blog, oh well.

The Chronicles of Penang Hill trains!

After I finished posting the last Penang Hill entry I was wondering myself if the trains really date back from 1923…. until I had to bang my head on the wall recalling that I actually SAW the older train (or rather, a carriage) which was displayed as historical item on the top of Penang Hill itself.. aghh.. which I forgot to take a picture of it, hence the forgetness.

Photo from wikipedia. This is it!!!!!!!!! The 1923 train!! :D And what’s more surprising, this carriage was serving people to go up Penang Hill for many many decades until 1977!! So the red train that I was riding started its service since 1977, yeah. The trains and carriages had funny shape like this because of the hill steepness of 50-51% along the way up to the peak.

I also found this rather amusing historic introduction from penang-traveltips.com:

The idea of a railway line up Penang Hill was put forth as early as 1897, before motor vehicle was even introduced to Penang Island. It was built by the British between 1906 and 1923 at a cost of 1.5 million Straits Dollars, so that the British officers can journey up the hill for convalescence or simply to relax and enjoy the cooler air. The funicular railway was only open to the public on 21 October 1923.

See.. everything also British invention one.. still we don’t know how to upgrade (quickly). Haih.

Penang Spotlight: Penang Hill a.k.a. Bukit Bendera

Continuing another part of getting-to-know Penang posts. A tourist doesn’t come to Penang if she/he isn’t going to Penang Hill, or Bukit Bendera (translate: Flag Hill) which is located near the capital Georgetown. It was my first time there ever since I can remember, though I used to come to Penang when I was little kid (6 years old?) and at that time we had a cousin family living in Penang, hence the holiday to here and Langkawi. Penang Hill is about 833 m high and what’s there on Penang Hill? Now I bring you to take a furnicular train ride to reach the top.

Penang Hill train schedule. It takes about 30 minutes to go up there..

See the train coming down the hill? No?

Okay, here it is. Not actually new trains. I think these trains have been around ever since the existence of Penang Hill T__T so old and obsolete.. and it got fans! (no aircond).

Oh guess when did the Penang Hill train railway started its service here? Guess! Guess! Guess! 1923!!!!!!! And I wonder if the very train itself dates back from 1923 as well =__= Well it won’t surprise me if it does… I mean… look at it.. sad and old.. and small.. and superslow.. and you think you’re visiting one of tourists places in Penang?? The state of Georgetown, the World Heritage site???? Unbelievable.

So tiny space inside *tsk* and people are flooding.. so you better hurry if you want a seat. But most people end up standing.

OK, don’t be horrored yet, coz when I was inside this small train (standing, yes) there was a paper notice telling that the Penang Hill railway system will be upgraded starting February 2010.. yeay, good news to tourists coming after this and it will save Penang people from tortures for the old school railway system. Bye, bye, tiny train!

Train moving slowly, and after a while, we get to see this sight of train track we’ve coming from.

Yay, we reached the top after crawling for 30minutes or so.. the train stopped in a few stops where locals get down (whoa, there are people living in the sides of the hill!)

Sight from Penang Hill.

I can say the view from the top is very breathtaking.. and it’s cold too (when I say cold it’s rather cool air, below 20 degree I guess) since yeah, in tropical countries like Malaysia the only places to get a chill air is on the highlands! There are places you can have a walk and shops to buy souvenir, and if you want to take a further look around Penang Hill, you can take a baggy ride, or car or anything available there. Oh well, it’s practically a small town at the top of Penang Hill, anyway.

We took a ride of this baggy around the Penang Hill throughout small path.

…and got to see many of multimillionnaires’ holiday homes like this, but I can’t remember the names that the buggy boy was mentioning one after another. Who is it, Vincent Tan??

I spot my favorite item!! :) It’s an old red post box from the British colonization time..

You can see part of Penang Island from up here. Notice the Penang bridge? It spans 14 km to the mainland of Malaysia Peninsula.

OK, that’s all for Penang entry this time. Penang Hill sounds exciting right? Hehe.. what? No? Hm nevermind.