It sounds weird to admit this, but this is actually the first time in my life attending a friend’s wedding. At the age of 26. While my younger sister Ismah has been attending thousands of her friends’ weddings all these years already.

ilyani and lenya.

lenya and ilyani.

I know I sound as if I am a friendless freak whose social life is revolving around only virtually with foreign buddies far far away, or/and used to be revolving around with an equally friendless boy. Okay, I do have a few friends, in fact, whom I was invited to their wedding and I could possibly attend, Akmal and Fizah for example.. only I was out of the country end of last year when those events happened. I know there have been some weddings happening since then among ex-UIA buddies, but most of them are too ‘foreign’ to me to attend the weddings, even if I was invited. Let’s just say, I would only attend weddings of my really close friends (still the ‘close’ term is rather subjective and I don’t actually specifically register who’s close and who’s not, neither define how close is ‘close’), otherwise I don’t actually fancy weddings, if you must know. Probably not until I have my own ;-D (okay, that’s lousy, I am sorry. But honestly, would you ever attend a wedding to witness all the happiness of the bride & groom, just right after the plan of your own marriage ridiculously failed?? And honestly again, I was actually secretly *glad* that I was out of the country end of last year so I didn’t have to attend them weddings :P)

Anyways. Congratulations to Lenya & Ceno. :))

One Drop Perfumes!

Soooooooooooo….. these are the things I’m selling! I know the One Drop Perfumes have been everywhere in Malaysia and I’m the last person to actually realize they are some cool stuff that let you go crazily experimenting many different fragrances in a single box! And right now, I have got products in hands, and I need to sell these out!

ODP Big Boxes

ODP Small Boxes.

ODP Boxes and Bunny.

Please note that Bunny is NOT for sale in ANY circumstances. Anyways. The One Drop Perfumes are formulated alcohol-free pure perfume oil of fragrances inspired by International Designers’ perfume labels (Raplh Lauren, CK, Hugo Boss, Estee Lauder… and the list goes). The idea is to have as many of these famous fragrances without having to spend your hundred ringgits in each. What’s better, ODP is 100% perfume oil with no mixture of alcohol, white oil or water unlike Eau de Parfum, Eau De Toilette and the likes. Therefore as the name goes you need only “One Drop” and the fragrance lasts really long.

Inside the boxes.

ODP Big boxes (got Women or Men sets) go from RM40 per box with 8 miniature roll-on bottles in each (=2.75 ml) and RM45 for Celebrities’ Special Sets (Jennifer Lopez’s Glow, Mariah Carey’s M, David Beckham’s Instinct, and the likes). While ODP Small boxes (Women or Men sets) go from RM25 per box with 4 miniature bottles in each (=2.75 ml) and RM27 for the Celebrities’ Special edition. And recently, ODP has launched Youth Pack sets for younger peeps, pricing RM25 per box. *takes a breath* My dear friends and readers (including you who arrived to this post by Google search), I’m now inviting you to go and see my so-called business blog at onedropkb.wordpress.com :) Okay okay, it’s not completely done yet :( but I can’t wait to let everyone (especially you who visit me here) to take a look first and let me know if it’s okay and if possible, please provide your opinion about it. You know, I really have no sense or knowledge in business and I need your help, as internet users and buyers like how I can make the blog to be able to attract people at least to visit there and probably make a purchase. I know having good designed blog alone doesn’t promise you customer attraction.. but I don’t know how to make such advertising statements without sounding too weird (or desperate?).. you know, like, “You you and you! Come come come buy my products! It’s bloody cheap!” I need to have some approach and strategy…. which I have yet to think about =___= And as you see I’m doing it on free WordPress.com for now, so it’s a simple blog really, with no embedded shopping system like you have with those PHP-based online shops. It’s okay for local market though, as I only need them to do purchase simply by transferring money to my bank account (preferred online banking, ATM etc) and notify me about the products they need. And I’ll simply mail them the goodies. Only if I want to use PayPal for maybe my future international buyers, that’s why I wish I could design a better website with everything in one place, the shopping system included. Hmm but that’s a long way to go, and I need to see if I can get a customer first, and if everything is going fine I’ll consider getting a more sophisticated hosted website. Okay and let me continue studying PayPal now.. see yeh!

Penang spotlight: P.Ramlee’s House

This is one of a few blog chapters about our recent short trip in Penang. Though living in USM Engineering campus far away from Penang city doesn’t help much in getting to know this Island of Pearl, as its nickname goes, so unlike my initial plan before I moved to the campus – which was to be able to go around Penang over the weekends – turned out to be so unpractical in reality, so finally I had to wait until the semester was over to go on a trip around Penang. Sigh. But anyway, let’s go to P.Ramlee’s house first :)

My dear friends outside Malaysia, I wouldn’t mind even if you don’t know who the hell Malaysia’s current Prime Minister is, but I would like you to at least know P.Ramlee by your heart, that he’s the legendary star of Malaysia, much like Elvis and The Beatles in the West, if not more. P.Ramlee is the biggest Malay film director in history, actor, song composer and singer in the 1940s to 1970s (though his films were mostly released in the 50s and 60s). He’s just amazing and probably nobody so far is able to achieve as far as he did (yup, if you must know, Malaysian films are getting sappier by decades lately, duh). He left this world to rest in peace since 1973, but his films are still being repeatedly played on TV at least once every week, and they will continue to be, for many of us can still manage to sit and enjoy P.Ramlee’s films despite it’s actually the 100th time we’ve watched the same film throughout our lives, and we still manage to have a good laugh at the same joke we’ve watched for the 100th time. It sounds like bluffing, but it’s true. That’s the magical values P.Ramlee had in his films to Malaysian people after generations, with among the loveliest melody of songs in each and every his film I can endlessly be amazed with. And to sum everything up, in fact to me he’s the most influential Malay figure ever existed in history (not Dr. Mahathir, sorry to disappoint you, Az). So now you know how important is this person I have the honor to blog about this time.

So to speak, I have loved P.Ramlee ever since I was a little child, and so have my family, we are all his big fans! :D Hence the visit to P.Ramlee’s birth house in Penang.

Yup, P.Ramlee was born in this house in 1929, and grew up in Penang until he moved to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to start his career in music and film industry. This birth house of him, now is a museum, together with another building that displays photos and belongings of P.Ramlee and an auditorium, is a complex administrated by the National Archives of Malaysia as a tribute to the legendary star. Though it’s not as big and glamorous, we were all excited to visit P.Ramlee here!

Some of his famous movie posters inside the exhibition building, and we’re not supposed to take pictures actually :P sorry, but I couldn’t help to get some to put in my blog.

My all time favorite “Ali Baba Bujang Lapok”, Malay version of the Ali Baba & 40 Thieves epic. I have seen this movie for 100000 times!

Framed portraits of P.Ramlee.

Cover of P.Ramlee’s song book published in 1959.

A postcard (!) sent by P.Ramlee to his wife Saloma in KL while in Singapore.

So the displays are mostly photos of significant events in P.Ramlee’s life in his music & film-making career. But there are also from his childhood life, and there’s even his primary school class attendance book being displayed!

Therefore if you come to Penang and feel like meeting this gorgeous actor, do visit his birth house-cum-museum located in P.Ramlee Road (of course, a road named after him, but it should be easily spotted in the city). Oh, and I did grab a few photo postcards of P.Ramlee.. let me know if you’d like one! :D

And to finish this chapter, enjoy this song clip taken from film Musang Berjanggut (1959, read synopsis, and watch on YouTube), which was on TV again last week, and I just LOVE this song.. and the conversation afterwards where the prince proposed to his lady, with the lovely ancient Malay style in expressing words by pantun (tehnically, it’s how to say a certain sentence by firstly saying another irrelevant-yet-poetic sentence so they would give rhymes). It’s just beautiful. I have no idea why people no longer speak with pantun :(

Hmm.. that’s how I call a perfect proposal :-) *dreaming away*

I found my long-lost friend!!!

I am so excited! Look who I found today!! :D

“Hi, my name is Bunny” :-)

Inside Bunny is my old Siemens phone.

Look, I had lost Bunny since many many years ago! I got Bunny when I was in Asasi UM (i.e. 2002) and my old fat phone at that time perfectly suits the size in every angle (it even had a hole for the good old antenna), and I loved it when I got to show off Bunny when making calls in public so everyone got to stare at my hand holding Bunny to my ear :)) That was awesome. However, I ditched Bunny as soon as I got a Nokia 3310 a few months later, since it slimmer and shorter size didn’t fit into Bunny :( and it was the last time I had seen Bunny in my life..

And 7 years later, which is today, suddenly I found Bunny again out of the blue, sitting inside a basket full of old stuff and trash, and that was a touching reunion between me and Bunny.. *crying happily* and I instantly ran into my parents room digging out my old phone and for my relief it’s still there, so I got to put it into Bunny again :))

“Moshi-moshi? Az-kun? Are you busy studying or stalking?” :P

Feels good. I’m gonna ditch my 3G camera phone and be back to Bunny again!