Hajj: The preparation (sort of..)

If things are going well we’ll be leaving for Saudi Arabia on 25th November. Though we’ve checked that my parents names were in the list of those who are accepted to do Hajj this season (and my name was literally added as well), with the departure and return dates and trip number whatsoever, you can never be so sure with this Malaysia’s government body in charge for Hajj pilgrimage fund and management a.k.a Tabung Haji. By last minute it’s not too impossible for them to say the quota is already full, and you have to wait for next year’ season. Needless to say, Hajj candidates from Kelantan in this season alone are more than 3000 in number, and there are 14 states in Malaysia, you do the maths. And it’s only one country, imagine Makkah will be filled with people from I dont know how many countries.

In the meantime, I have done the thing about Hajj passport and visa, the medical checkup (some antibody injection – ouch!), and umm nothing much else officially. I have done watching the videos, but so lazy to finish the books. There will be a few stages to complete the Hajj, and those which I must study well. Oh and I haven’t done the shopping yet, especially the suitcase. And I feel like asking my dad to buy a new camcorder for this trip :)

Yesterday I have cut my hair short. It will be easy to take care within the┬áIhram┬árestriction period, which will be long coz we’ll be doing Ifraad Hajj. Now I look like this:

Edit later: Nope, we are *not* gonna do Ifraad Hajj actually, Tabung Haji changed our flight to be earlier (20th Nov).