Some news… finally.

Heh. Today I got an offer letter from USM in Penang.

MSc in Electronic Systems Design Engineering, whatever it means.

Admission 1st July.

Hmm but I’m still not firmly determined. 

I mean, I am as well waiting for UKM.

Not that I have any favorite points between these two uni.

But the later has the course I already have some sense about.

To take a step further

I’m thinking of going back to school to do postgraduate studies. Hehe. Not funny. Well yeah it might be the last thing I would consider doing after those longest 4 years in UIA. But before I knew it, it’s now almost the time I have to consider this last thing. It’s so much a pain in the arse to think that I’ll be able to get a decent job here in my hometown. I don’t wanna live the rest of my life doing nothing like an idiot. This is almost pathetic. Though I don’t like classes, at least it’s fun to meet people. And I will learn something more. So I’ve been looking at graduate studies programmes sites of UKM, and USM, and maybe UTHM too. And good news, Mama seems to be very supportive when I told her my so-called intention to further studies.

In the meantime, Mama wants me to be a replacement teacher (again, yuck) in her school for 2 months since a teacher is going to have maternity leave soon. Last year I was teaching Postcrossing to the kids when I was supposed to teach Islamic History. And now when I have to teach Civic studies, what do I end up teaching them? ToyVoyagers maybe.