Dell XPS 15

I got a new laptop.. it’s Dell XPS 15. A good excuse to make new updates here. It’s been pity that has missed alot of things happening in past few months (or can I say, year?). The anniversary to begin with. I mean THE anniversary. Yes, last 5th February remarked one year of my marriage :-) (I mean, time’s flying so freaking fast!), and since last month, suddenly Az has got a better living with *my* parents in KB with job and business to take care. So I am living independently in KL with my job, and we get to see each other on weekend (me going back to KB or him coming to KL). Details later. I mean the anniversary ;D Oh well. Next is China trip, only one month to go! Or actually, Xinjiang to be precise. Or the historic Silk Road in China. Yeah we’ll be there pretty soon. Again details later.

I promise to Bunny that I will continue updating blog again. Soon.

Not so good news to my dear friends in Europe, Bunny hereby declares that I am still too poor to make a trip to France in any near future. The only exception is if MYR to have an equal value to Euros, but that’s unlikely to happen.

On the other hand, 2012 will be coming with a new mission to work so hard coz we have an adventure to accomplish :)

We’ll be in the center of Asia mainland in April.

Yay, a new post

I dont bother to know the number of posts I have managed to write in this year, as much as I dont see any point of even writing blogs anymore. Az¬†occasionally¬†asks why I havent updated my blog as much I used to do before, when he never really stops me, and on the other hand, always encourages me to continue writing, for this blog has been the place he found me. It puts me into a realization that the actual reason why I blogged so much back then, was because I practically had nobody who’s ready to (read: forced to) listen to my ramblings and whines and cries and all the emergency things I need to tell somebody right now, any second, any minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, writing something in a blog suddenly becomes redundant lately, which is hard to explain why.

Well, I got a new job in Damansara Heights. Since August, actually, so it’s been a while. I would say it’s a dream job of mine when you speak about distance. I can go out at 9am and manage to reach office in 20 minutes, and yes, I love the flexible working hour this company has. And being in an organization with a lot of people, suddenly I feel small myself, prefer not to be so loud. Hmm and I come to think could be too identity-revealing. I should move so somewhere discreet with an anonymous nickname.

I have a plan (read: dream) to visit Paris next year. Paris and Colmar, at least. The budget looks impossible so far, but let’s see if I can make it.


I’ve always wanted to think that my absence from my routine from pre-job (also, pre-married) time was entirely because of hectic career life I’ve been having ever since. Say blogging, Postcrossing, writing letters, taking Bunny pics, chatting on forum, FB, etc etc.. all those activities I never failed to miss regularly. OK let me get it straight, I rather blame my job for stealing all my time but truth is I am in denial from blaming myself being a wife who is always too busy being with her husband to do anything else =,= Her husband who apparently seems to be comfortably at home all time.

Maybe it’s half true. Coz at this hour over a weekend I’m all alone sitting at home while Az is out having his own time outside, which is odd, and it’s me suddenly having time writing this post! I had a long pending post about New Delhi and it’s been more than a month T__T and I dont know if anyone is still interested to read it anymore. (Or maybe, if I still have the mood to continue blogging about the trip anymore). Worse, I’ll just keep it for the sake of our own memories only.

Oh and I’ve resigned from my job (YIPPIE!) and am in transition on moving to a new place, which currently is still unknown. *sigh*