I’ve been struggling to adjust with my new life. As in, life in reality, the one I have to see myself living long term. Not the beautiful life in 2-weeks Kashmir-India trip. The ironic fact is that I had only 3 days gap after returning from India to prepare myself for the job. It was hardly gaps even, as we were busy with my parents who came over to KL to see the apartment they bought, and as a result, surprisingly, I started my new job without any single new shopping, leaving me without a pair of proper office shoes. Heck, when was the last time I even owned a pair of office shoes? =,= It seems like I’ve lived as a student for all my life, even it wasnt that easy to feel the mood of going back to work, after 2+ years leaving it.

The new company I’m working now isnt as big as the place I used to work before. It’s located somewhere in USJ and with less than 10 people. As much as I’m okay with the people and job, the traveling time is totally nuts! We’re talking about after-work hours that it would take you 2 hours driving in the insanely congested Federal Highway to reach home at 20km away! 2 hours!!! T_T

The going route, on the other hand, is fine. I can reach office in just 30 minutes, given I have to leave before 6.50am to reach before 7.30. Although I start at 8.30, but thats the safest time to avoid heavy traffic. And we have plenty time to have breakfast and relax first. Oh yeah, Az comes with me almost everyday and he does his work in masjid nearby. Not that I am no longer an independent superwoman who-can-do-everything-by-my-own once I got married, but until I’m totally adjusted with this kind of life, I hate having to wait one hour before office start, and driving 2 hours to get home, alone. I’ve tried the komuter and bus, and am thinking to stick to it. Although it doesnt help me to reach home any earlier, but at least it’s not as stressful as driving in crazy traffic for 2 hours! And I dont have to drag Az along everyday again.

I know I cant complain as things wont be any different, but for past 2 weeks, I’ve been living a life like this, and it might sound nothing unusual to many out there, but I’m keeping a hope to escape. Somehow.

Settling down

Things happened in past 3 weeks, in summary:

  1. Done the viva for the thesis project. Biggest relief ever.
  2. Went to Postcrossing meetup in KL. Mailed alot of Upin & Ipin postcards.
  3. Met Az. Practically our 8th meeting.
  4. Went home. Went to tailor for wedding dress. Okay, dont be surprised yet, I’ll go in details later.
  5. Went back to USM, finishing thesis correction. Sent for hardcover binding. Submit final copy of thesis to office.
  6. Brought Kelisa for service.
  7. Farewell lunch with roommates and friends.
  8. Packed the whole room into the Kelisa (thankfully I had brought 3 stuffed huge suitcases home earlier, so there were not much left in this final packing)
  9. Parents came to Penang to get me home  (Abah still doesnt trust me enough to let me drive alone to KB).
  10. Arrived home and to my room with mountains of stuff to tidy up T_T
  11. Designed the content and map for invitation card. Got them all printed. Parents can start inviting now.
  12. Went to HIV test for marriage application.
  13. Went to imam’s house with parents to get application form.
  14. Took passport photo.
  15. Re-arranged furniture in my room. Cleaned the house. And still continue cleaning..
  16. Changed the theme for ^_^ and gotta work on other blogs too.

The viva, and many things after that.

  1. My dissertation viva will be on 15th December, 2010.
  2. Final class gathering is scheduled on 18th, but not confirmed yet.
  3. Malaysian Postcrossing meetup on 19th in Berjaya Times Square, KL (kak Nurul says there will be stamps week there)
  4. Buy the long-aimed new camera, probably at Times Square as well. It’s not even TZ8 or TZ10 now, it’s FZ40 :P
  5. From KL, probably go home for a few days, while doing correction on dissertation, and come back to USM before the weekend.
  6. The coming weekend, the long-awaited trip to somewhere (…not telling now :P)
  7. Final hangout to Penang with roommates & Kak Haiza, probably on Sunday, or the other weekend.
  8. Submit final hard copy of thesis.
  9. Family will come over to bring my stuff home, and I’ll be leaving USM! :) *bye bye Penang, hopefully!*